I made my boyfriend strip at airport so my £220 suitcase wouldn’t get dirty – people say I’m precious but I don’t care | The Sun

A WOMAN has sparked a huge debate online after she forced her boyfriend to sacrifice his shirt to protect her new suitcase.

The passenger, named Jen, had splashed £223 on the pricey piece of luggage and didn't want to risk it getting damaged on its first trip.

She was flying home to San Diego, California, after enjoying a break in Mexico with her other half last month.

But the tourist was informed by AeroMexico that she'd have to check in her brand new BEIS Travel case as there wasn't enough space for it in the overhead locker.

Concerned about her precious cargo, Jen decided to find a creative solution to shield the suitcase from any potential abrasions.

She called on her boyfriend to donate his top so that she could wrap it around the expensive carry-on to ensure its safe passage.


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Jen explained she preferred her boyfriend getting his kit off in the airport rather than risking any blemishes on her new luggage.

She detailed her suitcase dilemma in a TikTok video, explaining her shirtless fella had taken one for the team.

The traveller wrote: "When you're forced to check-in your new BEIS carry-on and you decide your boyfriend can buy a new shirt."

Jen's suitcase can be seen tumbling onto the luggage carousel while it wears her partner's clothing.

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She captioned the clip: "When your boyfriend gets volun-told to take off this shirt to protect your new BEIS Travel carry-on."

The suitcase from BEIS, a luxury luggage company founded by Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell, retails at £223 on its website.

Although some people applauded her resourcefulness, other social media users were outraged that she demanded her boyfriend strip off for the sake of a suitcase.

The video was viewed more than 789,000 times as a fiery debate began in the comment section, before the clip was removed.

One user wrote: "Why buy a bag that you’re afraid to send through the airport?"

Another bluntly said: "It's literally a suitcase."

A third commented: "So what? People like to keep their expensive things nice. God forbid."

And a fourth chimed in: "WTF is the point of buying luggage to cry when it gets use?"

However, Jen decided to put the enraged commenter in their place and snapped back at the criticism.

She responded: "Huge difference between being 'used' by me vs trashed by airport baggage handlers.

"You are also forgetting this is a carry-on."

But some social media users supported Jen's "genius" idea, saying they would also call on their partners to lend a hand – or a shirt.

One said: "I'm gonna have my husband do this. I have avoided checking mine in."

Another gushed: "OMG, I should’ve done that. I panicked the whole time."

A third added: "The first time I decided to use mine, [the airline] threw it like it was garbage and now it’s dirty and dented."

And a fourth wrote: "Now that’s what I call innovative thinking."

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Jen later shared a follow-up video revealing that her boyfriend had also asked airport staff to stick a fragile sticker on her suitcase.

When one user asked how did the shirt manage to stay on, she replied: "It must have been the fragile sticker they slapped on the side of his shirt."

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