Sarah Brady Praises 'Brave' Alexa Nikolas For Speaking Out About 'Scary' Jonah Hill Encounter!

Sarah Brady and Alexa Nikolas are sticking together as they call out Jonah Hill!

As we’ve been following, the actor’s ex-girlfriend Sarah put him on blast earlier this week with allegations that he was “emotionally abusive” and manipulative during their relationship — which lasted from August 2021 to early 2022. Amid her many accusations, she claimed he would “gaslight” her, demand she delete Instagram photos of herself in certain swimsuits (despite her profession as a surfer), and disproved of her friendships with men or “women who are in unstable places.” He supposedly insisted she should listen to all his concerns because they were his “boundaries” — and, if not, they could part ways.

Soon after, the Zoey 101 alum followed in Sarah’s footsteps, claiming the Superbad star “assaulted” her when she was just 16 at a party. According to her, Jonah got her alone outside and allegedly “slammed to the door and shoved his tongue down throat.” In sharing her vulnerable accusations, the former child star praised the pro surfer for speaking out against the Hollywood A-lister — and now she’s getting the same recognition from Sarah!

On Wednesday, Sarah posted a screenshot of Instagram DMs she shared with the Nickelodeon alum, in which Alexa wrote:

“I shared my personal Jonah story from when I was only 16 and he assaulted me.”

The surf instructor wrote back:

“Thank you for being brave and sharing. I’m so sorry he did that to you.”

The Walking Dead alum went on to share that she was “afraid” to share her story, but decided to get candid after Brady’s “admirable bravery.” The 21 Jump Street star’s ex then suggested:

“He’s a little scary, huh?”

Alexa responded:

“Sending so much love and healing. You are a bad ass.”

Sarah shared the exchange (above) with a fist-pump emoji and the caption, “Survivors unite.” It sounds like it was a very meaningful conversation for the That’s Life alum who told Page Six on Wednesday afternoon:

“For longer than we would like to admit abusers have been standing up for one another, covering up for one another, enabling one another. Even going as far as paying professionals to silence their victims. Great efforts to silence the survivors trauma and the survivors voice out of existence.”

The 31-year-old continued:

“Now we are beginning to see what it looks like when survivors stand up alongside one another and securely validate one another’s experience.”

Acknowledging Sarah’s encouragement, Alexa shared:

“It’s powerful and it’s revolutionary. I am beyond grateful and what an honor to stand up alongside survivors like Sarah herself. She did something unforgettable and admirable. Last night helped me heal even more.”


As for Jonah, his attorneys previously told the outlet Alexa’s claims are a “complete fabrication.” Meanwhile, most people are throwing their support behind Sarah and Alexa, but some are criticizing the ex’s decision to leak the texts and go after the 39-year-old at this point — months after their relationship ended and now that he’s a father to his child with his new girlfriend Olivia Millar.

The likes of Megan McCain have claimed Jonah was justified for setting his “boundaries” whereas The Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel revealed she once thought The Wolf of Wall Street alum had been a “d**k” to her. Though the reality star did wonder “where the line” should be drawn when releasing private messages.

Sarah has taken to her IG Story to clap back at some of her skeptics, saying she is speaking up now because the You People star has “branded himself as the mental health guy” such as with films like Stutz. She noted:

“, he hasn’t changed much. He’s just found new tactics to manipulate with, whether that manipulation is conscious or not.”

It’s certainly a complicated matter. Thoughts?! Let us know (below).

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