How a secret plane feature will save your life in an emergency – and you'll have never noticed it before | The Sun

IF you love a window seat on the plane, you may have noticed something unusual on the wing.

On top of a plane wing, there is a yellow hook, often with two holes in it.

However, the reason behind the strange contraption is in case of an emergency situation.

The hooks are needed in case the plane needs to make a landing on water.

The hooks are then used to attach rope to, to make it easier for passengers to get out of the cabin.

Airline pilot and YouTuber Captain Joe explained in a video: “In case of an emergency landing, let’s say on water, the flight attendants will want you to evacuate from the overwing exits.

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"Once you’re at the door and you set foot onto the wing, you’re most likely going to fall because the surface will be wet and very slippery."

He said the escape ropes could then be fastened to the door frame and the hook.

He continued: “Another rope is hooked up in the other hole leading towards the slide. 

“This little piece of metal was installed so that the escape rope can be attached, giving you a safer stand on the slippery surface on top of the wing.”

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One of the most famous plane landings on water has now been named The Miracle on the Hudson.

Turned into a film featuring Tom Hanks, US pilot Chesley Sullenberger was flying US Airways Flight 1549 on January 15, 2009, when both engines of the plane were struck by birds.

He was forced to land the plane on the Hudson River, with all 155 people onboard surviving.

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