Make-up artist reveals the £2 blusher from Boots that she can't believe isn't Charlotte Tilbury | The Sun

A MAKE-UP pro has revealed the £2 blusher from Boots that has left her amazed at its stunning glow.

The woman called Maggie, who used to work for Charlotte Tilbury, was wowed by the budget item's results on her skin.

In a post, the beauty whizz explained that she was trying on the cheapest make-up range stocked by the high street chain, called Natural Collection.

She explained that she had stocked up on all the brand's essential items – from concealer and foundation, to bronzer and blusher – and noted that all the products were priced at £3 or less.

Maggie got to work and started applying the foundation, which she was impressed by, but sceptical of whether it would stay in place all day.

She then added the concealer, which she concluded was in the wrong shade and had a "cakey" texture.


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However, Maggie then moved onto layering with powder, bronzer and blusher – and it was the latter product, available on the site for £1.99, that really stood out.

She said: "Some has got to be having me on? How are these under £3?"

In a follow-up video, Maggie finished off her look and showed off the final results.

Her videos have received 185,000 and 37,000 'likes' respectively, with thousands leaving messages about how surprised they were at the value for money.

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She was also a fan of the bronzerCredit: Tiktok/@maggieanne.n
TikTok users were amazed by the resultsCredit: Tiktok/@maggieanne.n

One person wrote: "Boots Natural Collection blush is a must!"

Another commented: "Natural Collection Blushes are so good!!!"

A third shared: "The blush is a vibeeee, I use it."

And a fourth added: "I have their blush and it’s so good."

Meanwhile, a fifth admitted: "Some of these products are my go to."

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