Flight booking hack can save Brits HUNDREDS on their summer getaway

The flight booking hacks that could save savvy Brits HUNDREDS of pounds on their summer getaway

  • New research by Skyscanner shows travellers could be missing out on savings 
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With holiday season upon us, millions of Brits will be looking for somewhere hot and sunny to spend a few days away this summer.

The super-organised among us will know that an early flight booking can save a  pretty penny, in the same way a last-minute jaunt can shave pounds off the price. 

According to new research by travel agency Skyscanner, holidaymakers could be missing out on big savings by not taking advantage of the cheapest travel times.

So, when exactly is the right time to book a flight, and when is the best way to travel? 

Sunday is usually the cheapest day to go abroad and the quietest – meaning you have the double bonus of saving cash and face fewer queues at the airport (File image)

Skyscanner reports that holidaymakers could save £226 on a trip to Spain for a family of four on return flights to Malaga late August by travelling from London Gatwick  instead of London Southend (File image)

Almost three-quarters of Brits are planning to jet off somewhere hot this summer, but only 10 per cent of searches are for the cheapest week of the school holidays.

With around 31 per cent of those yet to book a getaway, Skyscanner has shared its findings, based on the 80 billion prices searched on its system every day.

It shows that the first two weeks of the school holidays are the most popular, despite the fact that it is the most expensive time to travel. 

Therefore, according to the price comparison site, travellers can, on average, save around 16 per cent by travelling in the last week of the holidays.

This would work out to a saving of up to £220 for a family of four.

And for those that are flexible with their timings, traveling on the less popular days of the week can mean that you’ll save around 15 per cent.

Sunday is usually the cheapest day to go abroad – meaning families are not only forking out less money, but also enjoying a quieter airport. 

A Skyscanner spokesman says it really does pay off to do your research around the cheapest and best days to travel this summer, especially as 84 per cent of those surveyed say they would be willing to change their dates to save money.

With holiday season nearly upon us, it’s time to start looking for somewhere warm and sunny to spend a few days with the family – if you haven’t already (File image)

For comparison, the research shows that jetting off to Spain on a Tuesday instead of a Friday would save a family of four an average of £372 for their return travel this July and August.

And the airport you depart from matters too.

Northerners who head across the border to Scotland could save a substantial chunk; for example, return flights to Alicante from Edinburgh (22-29 August) cost £170 per person on average, whereas from Newcastle they come out at £218. 

Meanwhile Skyscanner reports that holidaymakers could save £226 on a trip to Spain for a family of four on return flights to Malaga between 15-22 August by travelling from London Gatwick (£219 per person) instead of London Southend (£276 per person).

Speaking out about this research, Laura Lindsay, Skyscanner’s travel trends and destination expert, said: ‘Our research shows that over a third of Brits cut back elsewhere, including fewer meals out and less takeaways and coffees, in order to save for their summer holidays, but are less likely to shop around for holidays in the way they would when doing their weekly shop or clothes.’

Ms Linsdsay added that ‘we encourage all travellers to take note of our savvy tips’.

The research coincides with the launch of Skyscanner’s ‘Savings Generator’ tool, which the company says ‘help travellers save big this summer’.

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