Brits think shirtless men should 'go to jail' for no shirt in public

Brits are divided on whether men should go shirtless in public – with some saying they should ‘go to jail’

  • Men who wander about with no top on have been slammed by users on Reddit
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The first glimpse of summer and parks and beaches across Britain are scattered with bodies absorbing every ounce of sunshine they can soak.

Another inevitable sight is the topless, strutting male, his shirt slung over his shoulder, or wrapped around his waist. He knows everyone can see him.

With temperatures around 30 degrees in parts of the UK over the past few days, many among us will want to wear as little as possible to keep cool.

But shirtless men in particular have come under fire from angry Reddit users, with some even going as far as suggesting they should ‘go to jail’ for their skin-baring brazenness .

In a post which was posted by @JellyfishArm on Reddit, Brits have been left divided on whether the behaviour is socially acceptable.

With temperatures hitting nearly 30 degrees in parts of the UK over the past few weeks, one of the ways men may be likely to try and keep cool is to take their tops off (File image)

The poster asked users on the social media site ‘What’s the general consensus on guys walking around outside with their top off in UK hot weather?’.

Below, they ranked the most to least tolerable reasons as to why they could walk around with no top on.


What do you think – should men be allowed to walk around topless during the summer?

What do you think – should men be allowed to walk around topless during the summer?

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At the top, ranking justifiable, they wrote that it is ‘definitely’ fine to have no top on within the bounds of their own property, while it is ‘fine’ to be topless in public parks.

However, at the bottom of the scale ranks walking around shirtless in a supermarket.

While the poster said that men should ‘go to jail’ if they pick up their kids ‘from school’ without a top on.

And hundreds of users flocked to the comments, writing their opinions on whether or not it is acceptable that men should walk around topless, and when it is valid for them to do so. 

The comment with the most likes was: ‘Unless you’re actually on a beach, it just seems trashy to me.’ 

And others agreed, with one person writing: ‘Completely agree. It’s usually paired with pink sunburnt skin and a sweaty back.’

And a third chimed in, saying: ‘Unless you are in your garden or at the beach, absolutely not.’ 

Meanwhile, another Redditor wrote that ‘outside in general public’ and in ‘your home’ it is fine as you can ‘do what you like.’

Users on Reddit were left divided over whether or not the behaviour of men walking around shirtless in the summer is socially acceptable or not 

However, they added: ‘Businesses, schools and other establishments – no it’s unhygienic and off putting.’

But another Redditor was left divided by the behaviour, as they said: ‘I don’t understand it. How much heat is a t-shirt really keeping in anyway? The amount of cooling you get from taking it off must be too insignificant to detect.’

While another wrote that it is not fair men are the only ones who are allowed to walk around shirtless in summer, as they put: ‘I think being topless should be fine for men and women, but I guess it’s not a perfect world.’ 

And someone else agreed, writing: ‘I don’t do it myself but I have no problem with anyone (men or women) who choose to.’

Someone else just simply put: ‘Who cares?’ 

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