Families praise Legoland's 'hidden feature' across the theme park

FAMILIES visiting Legoland this summer have praised a "hidden feature" which has saved parents during the hot weather.

And many frequent guests said they never noticed – and that it should be rolled out to all theme parks.

Mum and freelance journalist Felicity Hannah revealed the free sunscreen dispensers which Legoland have throughout the park.

She wrote: "Quite impressed by the sun cream dispensers at Legoland – just a good, helpful addition."

More than 3,000 agreed, liking the tweet.

One person said: "This is brilliant! Everywhere that’s mostly outdoors should do this."

Someone else added: "This is such a good idea!!! Why have parks never thought of this before."

Another mum said: "The amount of hours I have collectively spent rummaging around in my bag trying to find sunscreen for my three. Great idea."

Many joked that post-Covid, people may have mistaken them for hand sanitiser stations.

However, the suncream stations aren't a new addition, with the theme park first posting about them back in 2019.

They wrote: "Stay safe in the sun with our suncream dispensers, which you'll find around the park."

Yet Legoland isn't the only theme park with them – Thorpe Park has the same dispensers near some of their popular rides including Colossus, Stealth and The Swarm.

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