Everything you need to know about travelling during Covid – from tests and vaccine passports to quarantine rules

TRAVELLING abroad has become complicated during the pandemic, with tests, quarantines and vaccine passports.

We've broken it down to explain everything you need to know about travelling abroad, from which countries have rules to what you need to return to the country.

Do I need to take a test before I leave the UK?

This depends on the destination.

Popular holiday destinations which require tests include Cyprus and Spain, even if fully vaccinated.

From tomorrow, France will also welcome Brits but with a negative Covid test.

Most countries are letting Brits in without the need for any tests or isolation as long as they have proof of being fully vaccinated.

The NHS app can often be used, as it shows proof of both jabs in the form of a vaccine certificate.

It is also worth checking the rules for kids – while most countries allow under-18s to be exempt from Covid restrictions, destinations such as Malta require full vaccination from anyone over 12, while the Maldives requires tests from anyone over two years old.

Some countries are also introducing new rules which will require a booster jab, such as Austria.

What else do I need to enter a foreign country?

Most countries require a Passenger Locator Form or something equivalent which has to be filled in before arrival.

These can often be found on the government's official websites, and are free to fill in.

You may also need travel insurance – here is how to get the best protection against Covid changes.

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Which countries can I travel to?

Most countries in Europe have welcomed Brits back, with travel restrictions.

Destinations such as the Netherlands, Morocco and Hong Kong are yet to lift the UK travel ban, along with 34 other countries.

Australia and New Zealand are yet to welcome Brits back, along with a number of countries in Asia.

Do I need to take a test to return to the UK?

Brits no longer need to take a test to enter the UK, if they are fully vaccinated, and only need to fill in a Passenger Locator Form.

However, a day two test needs to be prebooked to take within the first two days of being back in the country, but this can be a lateral flow.

And travellers no longer need to isolate if they are waiting for their test results.

Only if it comes back positive do you need to quarantine, although you can leave on day seven if you take another two tests – one on day six and one on day seven.

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