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TAKING jewellery on holiday can cause several problems with items often getting tangled up inside bags and suitcases.

But an expert from Pandora UK has revealed the simple travel trick that will make packing jewellery much easier.

In an article in Mail Online, jewellery expert Sarah Rowlands explained that Brits who pack their necklaces and bracelets incorrectly could end up losing or damaging items.

While she encouraged holidaymakers to purchase a travel-sized jewellery organiser, she also shared pocket-friendly tips.

The hack involves an item that most Brits will have in their kitchen cupboards, a simple roll of cling film.

She said: "Take a large piece of cling film and lay your jewellery out about 5cm (2in) apart on one half of the film.

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"Then fold the other half of the cling film over so the jewellery is encased in the film.

"Lastly, gently roll up the cling film with your jewellery inside so it will be compact and tangle-free for packing in a little box or pouch."

Holidaymakers can also place their bracelets and necklaces into ziplock bags or pill containers to keep them safe.

The experts at Hatton Jewellers also shared their top tips when it comes to packing items of jewellery.

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They explained that a plastic straw can stop necklaces and bracelets from becoming twisted.

Holidaymakers just need to loop one end of the jewellery through a drinking straw before fastening it at the other end, which will prevent a necklace from getting tangled.

For bracelets, simply cut the straw down and loop the bracelet through in exactly the same way.

Robert Cuomo from Hatton Jewellers had some advice for Brits who are worried about keeping their items safe when they arrive on their holiday.

He said: "Ensure suncream is fully absorbed into your skin before putting jewellery on. 

"And when it comes to swimming, chlorine is known to damage and discolour precious metals, causing it to become weak. Sterling silver can also begin to tarnish when in contact with chlorine. 

"Swimming in the sea is also far from ideal, as salt water can erode your jewellery, which can lead to weakening."

This frequent traveller revealed how to make the most of your packing allowance.

These hacks from Tiktok could also help you while on holiday this summer.

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