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FIZZY drink fans can be very protective of their favourite brands.

Fanta is one of the most popular sodas out there, but it can be pretty pricey.

The cheapest we found for the two litre bottle of the Coca-Cola-owned brand was at Morrisons, where it will set you back £1.99.

Luckily for those of us who are partial to a fizzy drink, almost every supermarket does its own bargain version of Fanta.

I put the dupes to the test to see if the knock-off versions tasted as good.

I gave each one a score out of 10 for taste and price – here are the results.


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  • £2 for 2l from Tesco
  • 10p per 100ml

You can't really go wrong with an original Fanta – it's a classic drink that's both refreshing and delicious.

It holds its fizz and is very refreshing to drink both on its own and as a mixer.

While I do think Fanta's taste is hard to beat, it's hard to ignore just how much it costs these days.

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  • TASTE: 10/10
  • PRICE: 5/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 15/20


Asda's orange crush is a good alternative to Fanta
  • 80p for 2l
  • 4p per 100ml

I was pretty impressed by Asda's Fanta.

If you gave yourself a bit of time to get used to the taste, you'd soon think you were drinking the real thing.

It was fruity and refreshing, and I was immediately hit with the smell of orange as soon as I opened the bottle.

  • TASTE: 7/10
  • PRICE: 8/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 15/20


  • 90p from 2l
  • 5p per 100ml

Sainsbury's Fanta gave a great big fizz as I opened the bottle and initially this looked promising.

But moments after I poured my glass it both looked and tasted flat.

It reminded me more of a cordial than a soda and I definitely won't be rushing to pour another glass.

  • TASTE: 5/10
  • PRICE: 5/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 10/20

Marks and Spencer

  • £1.35 from 2l
  • 68p per 100ml

M&S's Fanta tasted thin, watery and weak.

It reminded me more of a flavoured sparkling water than a fizzy pop.

It wasn't very satisfying in taste and it wasn't very refreshing either. I won't be buying this one again.

  • TASTE: 4/10
  • PRICE: 5/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 9/20


  • 80p for 2l
  • 4p per 100ml

Tesco's drink had a very strong syrupy flavour and reminded me of the kind of fizzy pop you'd get at school discos in the early 2000s.

It tasted more like Tango Orange than original Fanta so if that's your preference, this product could save you some money.

  • TASTE: 6/10
  • PRICE: 7/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 13/20


  • 65p for 2l
  • 3p per 100ml

Aldi has done a great job here. This, I think, was the closest to the real thing.

It was almost identical in colour and fizz to Fanta and was my favourite.

You could easily serve this to guests and no-one would know the difference.

  • TASTE: 9/10
  • PRICE: 10/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 19/20


  • 65p for 2l
  • 3p per 100ml

Lidl's own-brand was a little disappointing for me.

It didn't taste anything like Fanta, and left an unpleasant and tangy after taste,

I didn't like it and wouldn't buy again.

TASTE: 4/10
PRICE: 7/10


  • 79p for 2l
  • 4p per 100ml

I found Morrisons Fanta to be quite artificial in taste.

It smelt very sweet and orangey, but it just didn't live up to expectations once I'd tried it.

  • TASTE: 4/10
  • PRICE: 5/10
  • TOTAL SCORE: 9/20


Fanta is among the nation's favourites for a reason – it just tastes better.

There is something lighter, fizzier, and more refreshing about it.

It didn't win here though as it's just too expensive and it's become a bit more of a luxury.

If you're looking to save money on grocery bills definitely try Aldi's Fanta. It's around £1.35 cheaper for two litres of pop and if you buy a bottle a week, that's a big saving of over £68.20 a year.

Give it a go and if you like it, stock up while it's cheap as big brands are not always best.

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