Airport staff reveal the suitcases most likely to get damaged after check in

PACKING to go on holiday is one of the worst parts of the trip – but once you've checked your suitcase, there might be even more to worry about.

A baggage handler has revealed which suitcases are more likely to get damaged after you check it in – so you can avoid having an unwelcome surprise after landing.

It may come as no surprise to find that the heavier the bag, the more likely it will be damaged.

They took to social networking site Reddit to give advice to travellers on what kind of case is best to take on a plane.

They wrote: "If your bag is over 55lbs, it's gonna have a bad time.

"How annoyed do you get lifting your own bag into the back of the car?

"Imagine have to do that 200 times – it gets frustrating and tiresome and sometimes we just throw with very little care because they are too heavy to do carefully."

A tip the handler offered is to get a bag that stacks easily so that it is less likely to fall and get damaged.

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Hard cases are better for this than soft cases which are more likely to get damaged.

They wrote: "If you are packing heavy, get something robust and something that rolls.

"You know those four-wheeled, hard case bags. They are light and easy to manoeuvre, easy to stack, much more likely to keep your belongings safe."

The handler also recommended getting a case with a strong handle, as weak handles often snap when a suitcase is being pulled out of the luggage hold.

They wrote: "When buying luggage, make sure you get something with a reinforced handle or something strong.

"It will last longer and it won't snap off when you try and lift it up."

Another baggage handler has taken to Tiktok to reveal why it takes so long to get your suitcase back after a flight.

They also shared the 'Tetris-like' way bags are stacked on a plane.

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