World's best pizza chef reveals how to make the perfect pizza

World’s best pizza chef is based in London – according to the ‘Michelin guide for Italian food’… here he exclusively reveals the secrets to a perfect dish

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Not using too many toppings, avoiding overworking the dough and  staying light on the chilli oil is the secret to a perfect pizza, according to the best pizza maker in the world.

Michele Pascarella, who runs Napoli on the Road in Chiswick, west London, was named the best pizza maker in the world by ‘Michelin guide for pizzas’.

Mr Pascarella, who was born in Caserta, near Naples, before moving to the UK when he was 19 picked up the prestigious title this week at the  50 Top Pizza awards.

The 50 Top Pizza Awards is an annual event that recognizes the best pizzerias and chefs in the world, based on a rigorous selection process involving anonymous visits by experienced pizza critics. 

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, Mr Pascarella – who has previously been named the best pizza in Europe outside of Italy –  shared his secrets to the perfect dishes.

Michele Pascarella, who runs Napoli on the Road in Chiswick, west London, was named the best pizza maker in the world by ‘Michelin guide for pizzas’

‘I believe there is no perfection in making pizza and I think that’s the beauty about this job, because it’s an artisan work,’ she said.

‘However, you can get close to the perfection by working hard and being flexible during all the processes, because ours is artisan job and you must be ready to accept changes in temperatures, flours and techniques everyday to keep the quality at the top, improve your choices and evolve. 

‘If you are passionate about your work then you can get close to perfection. It’s all about consistency. I have a personal quote that motivates me everyday, “Tomorrow my pizza must be better than today”,’ he said.

Napoli on the Road, which recently opened its second branch in Richmond,  is famous for its innovative, contemporary Neapolitan pizza, offering unique twists on the much-loved dish. 

Mr Pascarella added that being ‘passionate’ is the key to making pizza.

‘Love is more about the experience and emotions involved rather than just the final product. Enjoy the process and share your love for pizza with others!

‘Also don’t worry about making mistakes, they will help you discover new things about pizza and have more mastery over the process.

‘I think there are few mistakes about eating pizza, for example, overloading with too many toppings, making it difficult to enjoy the base, using a knife and fork instead of eating it with their hands, not pairing it with suitable beverage – missing out on a complete dining experience, and adding chilli oil everywhere’.

Mr Pascarella started his business by wandering around with his three-wheeler Ape Piaggio making wood fire pizzas all over London .

Mr Pascarella started his business by wandering around with his three-wheeler Ape Piaggio making wood fire pizzas all over London. 

Recognised as the first pizzaiolo to bring contemporary high-crust pizza to the UK, Michele is now considered a ‘pioneer of contemporary pizza’. 

Since starting out, his focus has always been to deliver the finest quality dishes using exclusively seasonal ingredients. 

For this reason, the menu evolves every three months to respect the environment and what nature offers.

The common mistakes about making pizza, according to Michele

  • Choosing the wrong flour, adding too much yeast, using too many condiments.
  • My tip is always to try to use the right ingredients, the right flour for your ideal pizza process and to respect the rising hours according to the strength of the flour.

The pizzeria’s focus is on experimentation and innovation, utilising high-quality, locally sourced ingredients to create distinctively delicious flavour combinations. 

The innovative dishes on Napoli on the Road’s seasonal menu are thoughtfully designed to highlight the unique characteristics of each ingredient.   

‘When I joined the guide of the best pizzerias in Europe by 50TopPizza, first of all I thanked my team, as I strongly believe that without them I would not have been able to be the top in Europe and be elected the best pizza chef of the year 2023 in Europe. 

‘I also believe that we do an incredible job on the seasonality of the products, by researching the best products to integrate into our pizzeria.

‘We are the first pizzeria in UK to use seasonal ingredients and to change our menu almost entirely, every three months, to respect the course of nature, as is strongly believe using seasonal products not only benefits the restaurant’s bottom line but also adds to the overall dining experience, attracting more customers and fostering a sustainable and community-oriented approach to the culinary business.

‘Also, being seasonal can be an advantage for a restaurant, for various important things like, freshness and flavour – seasonal products are often harvested at the right time, resulting in better taste and quality.

‘By using seasonal ingredients, a restaurant can support local farms and reduce the need for long distance transport.

‘Seasonal ingredients are generally abundant and this reduces the cost.

‘Another important thing about being seasonal is the menu diversity, that allows restaurant and chefs to change their menu regularly and offer different plates to customers. 

He added that one of the biggest misconceptions is that Italian food is better in Italy.

‘There are so many toppings you can add on a pizza, the most important thing is knowing how to balance the ingredients on the pizza well, trying to create balance and taste at the same time without exaggerating with excessive tastes. 

‘Obviously don’t add pineapple to any pizza,’ he added.

He added that one of the biggest misconceptions is that Italian food is better in Italy.

‘While Italy is renowned for its authentic Italian food and pizza, you can find excellent Italian cuisine and pizza in many places around the world. 

‘In 2023 many talented chefs and restaurants outside of Italy take great pride in offering high-quality Italian dishes and pizza. 

‘This international appreciation has led to a diverse range of flavours and styles that cater to different tastes, making Italian food a beloved culinary choice worldwide.

100 best pizza restaurants in the world, according to 50 top Pizza

(TIE) 1. 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria – Naples, Italy

(TIE) 1. I Masanielli – Francesco Martucci – Caserta, Italy

2. Una Pizza Napoletana – New York, USA

3. Sartoria Panatieri – Barcelona, Spain

4. The Pizza Bar on 38th – Tokyo, Japan

5. I Tigli – San Bonifacio, Italy

6. Seu Pizza Illuminati – Rome, Italy

7. 50 Kalò – Naples, Italy

8. Bottega – Beijing, China

9. 180g Pizzeria Romana – Rome, Italy

10. I Masanielli – Sasà Martucci – Caserta, Italy

11. Razza Pizza Artigianale – Jersey City, USA

12. Francesco & Salvatore Salvo – Naples, Italy

13. Bæst – Copenhagen, Denmark

14. 50 Kalò – London, England

15. Dry Milano – Milan, Italy

16. Cambia-Menti di Ciccio Vitiello – Caserta, Italy

17. Via Toledo Enopizzeria – Vienna, Austria

18. Ken’s Artisan Pizza – Portland, USA

19. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, USA

20. La Notizia 94 – Naples, Italy

21. Pizzeria Bianco – Phoenix, USA

22. Ribalta – New York, USA

23. Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli sta’ ca” – Tokyo, Japan

24. Confine – Milan, Italy

25. 0′ Munaciello – Miami, USA

26. Le Grotticelle – Caggiano, Italy

27. Carlo Sammarco Pizzeria 2.0 – Aversa, Italy

28. Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria – Kenmore, USA

29. Pepe in Grani – Caiazzo, Italy

30. La Cascina dei Sapori – Rezzato, Italy

31. Apogeo – Pietrasanta, Italy

32. Pizza Zulù – Fürth, Germany

33. Song’ E Napule – New York, USA

34. Denis – Milan, Italy

35. BOB Alchimia a Spicchi – Montepaone Lido, Italy

36. Allegrìo – Rome, Italy

37. Pizzeria Da Lioniello – Succivo, Italy

38. Ti Amo – Buenos Aires, Argentina

39. 400 Gradi – Lecce, Italy

40. Pupillo Pura Pizza – Frosinone, Italy

41. 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar – Melbourne, Australia

42. Fratelli Figurato – Madrid, Spain

43. Fiata by Salvatore Fiata – Hong Kong, China

44. Via Toledo Enopizzeria – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

45. Forza – Helsinki, Finland

46. Napoli on the Road – London, England

47. Dante’s Pizzeria Napoletana – Auckland, New Zealand

48. nNea – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

49. Pizza Massilia – Bangkok, Thailand

50. La Balmesina – Barcelona, Spain

51. QT Pizza Bar – Sao Paulo, Brazil

52. Pizzeria Mazzie – Bangkok, Thailand

53. IMperfetto – Puteaux, France

54. Crosta Pizzeria – Makati, Philippines

55. ‘O Scugnizzo – Arezzo, Italy

56. Renato Bosco Pizzeria – San Martino Buon Albergo, Italy

57. Frumento – Acireale, Italy

58. Sbanco – Rome, Italy

59. Fandango – Potenza, Italy

60. Pizzeria Le Parùle – Herculaneum, Italy

61. Giovanni Santarpia – Florence, Italy

62. La Pizza è Bella Gourmet – Brussels, Belgium

63. Al Taglio – Sydney, Australia

64. Baldoria – Madrid, Spain

65. Giangi Pizza e Ricerca – Arielli, Italy

66. Pizzeria Panetteria Bosco – Tempio Pausania, Italy

67. Modus – Milan, Italy

68. Clementina – Fiumicino, Italy

69. La Bolla – Caserta, Italy

70. Palazzo Petrucci Pizzeria – Naples, Italy

71. ‘O Fiore Mio – Faenza, Italy

72. Kesté – New York, USA

73. La Leggenda Pizzeria – Miami, USA

74. Sant’Isidoro – Pizza & Bolle – Rome, Italy

75. I Borboni Pizzeria – Pontecagnano Faiano, Italy

76. Pasquale’s Pizzeria Napoletana – South Kingstown, USA

77. Kytaly – Geneva, Switzerland

78. Maiori – Cagliari, Italy

79. La Piola Pizza – Brussels, Belgium

80. Forno d’Oro – Lisbon, Portugal

81. Demaio – Bilbao, Spain

82. Pizza Strada – Tokyo, Japan

83. Pizzeria Chicco – Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy

84. What the Crust – Cairo, Egypt

85. A Pizza da Mooca – Sao Paulo, Brazil

86. L’Antica Pizzeria – London, England

87. Malafemmena – Berlin, Germany

88. Pizza Studio Tamaki Roppongi – Tokyo, Japan

89. Surt – Copenhagen, Denmark

90. Il Caffè – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

91. Guillaume Grasso – Paris, France

92. Ops – New York, USA

93. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria – Chicago, USA

94. ‘O Ver – London, England

95. Pizzeria Luca – Copenhagen, Denmark

96. a mano – Makati, Philippines

97. Fabrica Pizza – Tampa, USA

98. San Gennaro – Zurich, Switzerland

99. Matto Napoletano – Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

100. Leggera Pizza Napoletana – Sao Paulo, Brazil


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