These are the mistakes you make while packing, according to a stylist

Personal stylist reveals the BIGGEST mistakes people make when packing for a trip – as she shares her ULTIMATE travel fashion formula for pulling together stylish outfits on the go

  • Toronto and New York City-based Kim Appelt detailed key packing mistakes
  • She wants visitors to stick with their usual outfits but still fit the ‘vibe’
  • The fashion expert advised bringing items that can be worn three different ways 
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Wondering why your vacation outfits never work out how you planned?  

Take some tips from Toronto and New York City-based personal stylist Kim Appelt, who is revealing the real reasons the travel ensemble you’ve been dreaming about is just not working. 

The personal stylist has lifted the lid on the biggest mistakes that people make while prepping their outfits for a trip – while sharing her perfect packing formula that she says will ensure picture-perfect ensembles for every occasion. 

Speaking to Insider, Appelt noted that – while trend-lead pieces might pull your focus while packing – it’s actually a lot easier to create outfits on the go when you stick to the items you know work for you on a daily basis. 

New York and Toronto-based stylist Kim Appelt has revealed the biggest packing mistakes that people make when they go on vacation

The fashion expert also shared her top tips for putting together ensembles on the go – revealing why people should focus less on trends when they’re planning for a trip 

‘If you’re someone, for example, who loves athletic wear, you’re a very casual dresser…It is not the time to break out those pieces in your closet that are extremely feminine and full of flowers,’ Appelt explained. 

It might be tempting to envision an Instagram grid full of fabulous vacation photos but make sure to bring outfits you already know how to style. 

The fashion content creator, who has amassed more than 60,000 Instagram followers for her sage style advice, guided visitors to dress for both the environment they’re visiting and the ‘vibe.’

The celebrity stylist recommended ‘edgy’ all-black outfits in New York City, including combat boots and black jeans.

However, just because you’re dressing for the environment doesn’t mean you should eschew all your old favorites when it’s time to hit the road. 

Appelt, who wrote the book Style for Everybody: A Guide to Curating Your Essential Wardrobe, admitted she still wears her go-to white linen blazer while traversing Manhattan because it’s a wardrobe staple. 

The Style for Everybody author advised that people bring wardrobe staples like her favorite white linen blazer, which she’s able to wear multiple ways

‘Avoid clothing that only works with one specific outfit, limiting your options. Each piece needs to be about to be worn three ways,’ the style pro shared

Jet set style! Kim’s ultimate packing formula revealed 

  • Start with comfortable basics like jeans, T-shirts, and neutral, lightweight sweaters
  • Choose items that can be mixed and matched effortlessly
  • Stick to a neutral color palette, which translates well in trendier cities
  • Pack layering pieces like thin cardigans, blazers, and light cotton jackets to add style to your outfit
  • Choose comfortable clothing that breathes made from quality fabrics like cotton, linen, or modal
  • Pack pieces that can be dressed up or down, like a simple black dress that can be worn casually during the day with sneakers and dressed up in the evening with a blazer

The style expert and author urged everyone to ask themselves a few quick questions before they start packing, including, ‘What is your personal style? Is it athletic, is it preppy, is it casual?’ 

Once you’ve figured out the answers, Appelt says, it’s easy to curate a perfect capsule wardrobe for traveling that won’t break the bank or your back with a heavy suitcase.

One of the stylist’s best packing tips is to make sure every single item can be worn three different ways, pointing out that a linen blazer is easy to pack and equally simple to style. 

She guides people to start with versatile basics, which is a base like ‘classic jeans, fitted T-shirts, and neutral lightweight sweaters’ before mixing and matching, which ‘maximizes outfit options with the smallest number of pieces.’ It helps by starting with a neutral color palette, which makes it easy to mix and match.

Appelt is an expert on curating a capsule collection that’s actually wearable, and wrote a book about how to create an ‘essential wardrobe’ 

Instagram commenters loved the content creator’s fashion advice which allows them to travel without checking their luggage

However, one Instagram commenter read her advice after traveling with two extra suitcases because they hadn’t had access to her packing tips

‘The number one mistake is trying to pack all those pieces you bought on IG while you were scrolling, or on sale that you have never worn,’ Appelt told 

‘Now is not the time to try and get your money’s worth.’ These unreliable items might not fit right and you probably don’t know what shoes work best with them. 

The personal stylist shared her expert tips on Instagram and commenters were quick to weigh in.

‘Good tip! Dang I just arrived with two extra large suitcases plus my carryon for a week trip lol. Too late,’ one follower reflected.

‘Know your WOF’s (with-out fails) and off you go cruising with a teeny little case,’ another agreed.

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