Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Brings Out His Claws In Moccasin Moggies Campaign

Scottish designer Charles Jeffrey isn’t afraid of anything, setting a clear target and abolishing everything in his path. Jeffrey celebrates vibrant Queer communities through folkloric tales and edgy manipulations.

His LOVERBOY label defies traditional at every opportunity, revealing kinky fetishes across his “NOT FOR” footwear campaign. Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s Moccasin Moggie is placed front and center, seeing the brand’s erotic personality lick the soles raw. The clawed moccasin shoe is captured in questionable scenarios: playing footsies with friends, climbing up a firetruck, and juggling professional football — showing its multi-faceted nature.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s Moccasin Moggie is crafted from supple Italian leather in a slip-on style. Chunky rubber sole units boost your height an inch or two, while metal claws grow from the toe-shaped tips to scratch away obstacles on the go.

Take a closer look at Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s “NOT FOR” Moccasin Moggie campaign in the gallery above. The silhouette is available to purchase via the brand’s website for $1,161 USD.

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