The Queen will be laid to rest next week on a national bank holiday – here’s what to expect

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s death on Thursday (8 September), here’s what will happen ahead of her funeral next week.

As people around the world continue to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the proceedings leading up to her state funeral are already underway.

The late sovereign – who was the longest-serving monarch in British history – died peacefully at Balmoral Castle on Thursday (8 September) at the age of 96.

Doctors had expressed concerns for her health earlier that day, with a statement from the Palace confirming she was under “medical supervision” but remained “comfortable”. Her death was then announced at 6.30pm, following widespread concern from the public.  

While the days immediately following Queen Elizabeth II’s death have largely been concerned with King Charles III’s ascension to the throne, focus will now turn towards the Queen’s final journey from Scotland to London, where her funeral will take place next week.

Before she is laid to rest, however, a number of key moments will take place. Here’s what to expect.

When and where will Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral take place? 

Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey.

The queen’s funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey on Monday 19 September. Her family, politicians and world leaders will be present at the ceremony, which will begin at 11am.  

Full details of who will attend, as well as the order of service, are expected to be announced over the course of the next week. 

Will the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral be a bank holiday?  

The day of the Queen’s funeral will be a bank holiday and will mark the last day of the period of national mourning that follows the death of the monarch.

Because this day will operate in the same way as other bank holidays, there is no statutory entitlement to time off, and employers will have the final say as to whether employees get time off, and whether it counts towards their pre-existing holiday entitlement.

For more information, you can visit the government website. 

What will happen in the lead-up to Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral? 

The Queen’s coffin during it’s journey from Balmoral to Edinburgh yesterday.

The lead-up to the Queen’s state funeral will consist of a number of stages.

On 11 September, the Queen’s coffin, which was in the ballroom at Balmoral, was driven in a hearse to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. The coffin’s journey, which took six hours, saw it travel through cities including Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth, where residents lined the streets to pay their respects.

After arriving in Edinburgh and travelling the length of the Royal Mile, the coffin was then laid to rest in the Throne Room of Holyroodhouse, allowing the staff at the palace to pay their respects.

On 12 September, the coffin was moved once more to St Giles’ Cathedral, where it lay for 24 hours for people to pay their respects.  

Today (13 September), Princess Anne will accompany her mother’s body as it is flown back to London via RAF Northolt. The coffin will then be transported to Buckingham Palace, where members of the royal household will be given a chance to pay their respects.

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon (14 September), the coffin will be moved to Westminster Hall. The Queen’s coffin will then lie in state for four full days (starting from Thursday), before being transported to Westminster Abbey for the funeral on Monday 19 September.

When will the minute’s silence take place ahead of the funeral?

Downing Street has announced that a minute’s silence will take place on Sunday evening (18 September) at 8pm to allow the public to “mourn and reflect on the life and legacy” of the Queen. 

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that the silence “can be marked privately at home on your own or with friends and neighbours, out on your doorstep or street with neighbours, or at any locally arranged community events and vigils.”

They also encouraged “local community groups, clubs and other organisations” to mark the moment and invited British people overseas to “mark the silence at their local time”.

What will happen after Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral? 

The Queen will not be buried in London after the funeral – instead, her coffin will be transported to Windsor, where a televised committal service will take place.

After that service is complete, her coffin will be lowered into the Royal Vault before being transferred to its final resting place in the King George VI Memorial Chapel – an annex to the main chapel where her mother, father and sister are buried.

According to The Telegraph, there are plans for Prince Phillip – who died in spring last year – to be moved to lie alongside his wife of 73 years.  

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