Taurus horoscope April 2021: What’s in store for Taurus in April?

Taureans are in for a chilled and indulgent April, filled with lots of luxury purchases, pampering and daydreaming. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Taurus April 2021 predictions.

Taurus season is coming up but Taureans need to make it through Aries season first- luckily for you, Bex said April will bring “exciting times Taurus”.

She explained: “We start the month with Mercury moving into Aries on April 4. While this brings an element of spontaneity to how you communicate, you may feel like you’re still mulling things over in your own mind and aren’t quite ready to share your thoughts yet.

“If you’ve been considering private issues or simply daydreaming then you may feel an urge to make some decisions about how to move forward with them. It’s time to begin thinking about how you can turn fantasy into reality!”

While you are ready to take your plans to the next level, it might not be the time to tell everyone. Bex noted: “ You may find you’re a little more secretive than usual – in fact, discretion could be key. Remember that loose lips sink ships, Taurus!”

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Get creative this month, Taurus. Taurus is linked with the garden, and you’ll definitely be spending time in nature in April.

Bex said: “Mercury in Aries is a fabulous transit for creative endeavours, so expressing yourself in poetry, dance, acting or creative writing will make you feel alive.

“This could be anything creative that you enjoy, even if it’s just having a barefoot spin on the grass whenever possible!”

On April 14, Venus (your ruling planet and the planet of love, harmony, art and money) is moving into your sign!

Bex said: “What a beautiful union! With Venus in Taurus, you’re likely to feel super indulgent.

“It’s hard to deny yourself anything right now… and why should you?? Eat that cake, super-size your latte, buy the matching shoes and treat yourself to something snazzy for the home.

“Chances are you’ll also feel extra generous and so sharing the wealth is a great way to raise your vibration – this is a wonderful time to give to charity or offer help to a friend in need.”

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Venus in Taurus will help you work on your relationships – platonic and romantic.

Bex said: “Relationships will come to the fore for the rest of April and you’ll feel inclined to tell those you love how much they mean to you.

“If you’re in a relationship then ramp up the romance and organise an intimate date night.

“If you’re single, you should spend some time really showing yourself self-love – whether that’s running a bubble bath, changing your hairstyle, or simply reminding yourself of all the reasons you rock.”

Taurus season starts on April 19 and Mercury is also moving into your sign!

Bex said: “All that fanciful daydreaming will be replaced with a desire to make solid plans and get things done, and what’s more you’ll have the decisiveness and determination to make it happen.

“You’ll feel able to communicate effectively, and people will find you charming and eloquent, so your powers to convince others will be heightened.

“This is a great time to dazzle with your wit and words, ask for what you want, and feel truly confident about stepping into the spotlight!”

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