Tattoo model showers naked with parrot and insists it’s ‘normal and not sexual’

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A model is making waves on social media after revealing she showers naked with her parrot.

Taking your parrot into the shower not only saves you time but even water.

Many bird lovers often perch their pets on the shower rod or nearby so their feathers can benefit from the steam.

One babe who's a huge fan of showering with her parrot is now trying to normalise it on her TikTok account.

Heidi Lavon, who lives in Oregon, US, bathes with her pet a lot – and her partner James Marshall Ramsey even gets in on the action.

Now speaking to Daily Star, the model, who has over 379,000 followers on TikTok, has revealed why she does it.

She said: "I take lots of showers with my parrot.

"My partner showers with him too and it's totally normal to use and other bird people.

"It might be weird or different for people that are not bird people. A lot of people don't realise how sweet and cuddly birds are.

"People are so used to it being dogs or cats, but don't realise how awesome birds are."

Whether she's going for a walk or blowdrying her parrot, Heidi spends a lot of time with her furry animal.

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And the tattoo model insists her naked showers with her pet isn't anything sexual.

She added: "It's definitely not a fetish. It's just a regular thing that bird especially parrot owners do.

"Some mist them, while others just take showers with them.

"He sings, he yells and does all cute things.

"My TikTok is very much centred around tattoos and birds."

Heidi is a model, photographer and contributing writer for Skin Art Magazine.

She has been published on the cover and inside of every major tattoo magazine out there.

The model also runs a podcast with her partner James and interviews for her tattoo column full-time.

Just last year, Heidi unleashed her body in a sexy 2021 calendar in exclusive pictures to Daily Star.

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