An Italian town is selling houses for just 90p – and you get £22k to renovate

After almost a year stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic many Brits are getting sick of where they live.

If you want to pack up your life and move somewhere sunny then this Italian town could be your dream destination.

The beauty spot in Sicily, Italy, is selling off houses for just one euro – that’s 90p each.

And, you’ll even be given cash to do up the property!

Yes, this deal is actually happening…

Troina is the latest tiny Italian town to sell houses extra cheap to attract people to the area.

As more people leave rural Italy for the big cities the town’s population has drastically dropped.

Mayor Sebastiano Fabio Venezia wants to rejuvenate what was once the “Norman Capital of Sicily” by restoring the population.

So, you can snap up a property for the price of a packet of crisps.

Despite some of the buildings being run-down, the town of Troina is still beautiful.

It’s known as the “Balcony of Sicily” and is set within impressive mountains – so it boasts awe-inspiring views.

The homes also sit in 4,000 hectares of forest meaning that fans of the great outdoors can indulge in peaceful walks, horse riding and more.

There’s an estate nearby which breeds donkeys and grows fresh produce and the area is known for its clear, unpolluted sky.

So stargazers will be in paradise.

Of course, if you love lots of people being around and the bustle of cities then it might not be for you.

As Troina is very quiet.

The houses, of which there are 30 to choose from, all need a bit of a makeover – so you’ll be given £22,000 to update the property.

Some of the cash is paid as a “restyle bonus” while there’s an extra grant if its energy efficient.

You’ll need to pay a £4,385 deposit, but this will be returned once the renovations are complete,

If you hate doing DIY then there are some houses which don’t need upgrading too.

However, these will set you back about £8,800 each.

Still an incredible bargain!

Plus, you’ll still be given funds towards re-decorating these houses too.

Mayor Venezia told CNN: “I want to save our old district from the grave and recover its lost grandeur, when it was the Norman capital of Sicily.

“The ancient urban setting must be restyled in its entirety, and I intend to do so quickly.”

An agency has been set up for selling the houses, HouseTroina, which will be updated with the listed homes soon.

And, while Brits are unable to travel to Italy right now, applications from the UK are still welcome.

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