Tattoo model ‘makes face masks sexy’ as she strips to warn fans to ‘stay home’

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A tattoo model stripped down to a bikini to promote ‘staying safe’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mara Inkperial, from Sachsen, Germany, says she’s “living in a hotspot” of Covid-19 cases at the moment.

So to encourage her fans to take safety precautions, she paired her skimpy swimwear with a face mask.

The influencer hashtagged the post with the words “stay home” and “safety first”.

And her picture has certainly helped to raise awareness because it’s been liked more than 14,000 times.

Many also took the time to leave a comment – gushing over the model’s appearance and urging her to stay safe.

One commenter wrote: “So gorgeous. Love always and be safe.”

Another said: “Love the fact that your face covering is the biggest piece of material you have on you.”

A third commented: “Safety first always and take care.”

Another gushed: “Love how the matching set goes so well with the face mask.”

And a fifth added: “You make masks look sexy.”

Mara isn’t the only inked model to promote wearing masks on social media.

Previously, Jill Hardener made a bikini out of the face coverings.

While many thought she looked amazing, some accused the Berlin-based bombshell of “wasting” the medical essentials with her post.

One commenter, who racked up 79 likes, sarcastically said: “Cool you wasted mask the entire planet is struggling to get.”

Another responder remarked: “Why waste masks like that when the world is screaming for PPE for front line workers. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

And a third suggested: “Why don’t you donate the masks you are getting to hospitals?

“Don’t waste them like this.”

So what do you make of the viral Instagram posts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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