Student reveals three changes that saw her lose 10kg in 8 weeks

How to lose 10kg in EIGHT weeks: Business student, 18, reveals the three changes she made to transform her body – without giving up her favourite foods

  • Lily Turton is a diet and fitness coach who lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast
  • She lost 10kg in the space of two months between January and March 2020
  • Lily achieved this by tracking calories, reducing portion sizes and lifting weights

A business student who lost 10 kilos in the space of two months has revealed the three simple changes that helped her to achieve her incredible physique.

Lily Turton transformed her appearance by tracking calories, reducing portion sizes and incorporating weight training into her exercise routine, which had previously focused exclusively on cardio.

The 18-year-old from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, who is the author of health-conscious cookbook ‘Food to Fuel’, said she started her journey to ‘change her relationship with food’ and reached her goal while still enjoying her favourite meals.

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Queensland business student Lily Turton (left in January 2020 and right in March 2020) lost 10 kilos in the space of two months by tracking her calories and reducing portion sizes

Ms Turton (pictured) reached her goal while still enjoying her favourite meals

Ms Turton, who is also studying a part-time nutrition course, began by researching the caloric density of different foods to determine what she should be eating for fast but sustainable weight loss.

She started tracking her daily calorie intake to ensure she was eating in a calorie deficit, which is where you consume fewer calories than your body burns.

Different for every individual, a calorie deficit is the energy your body requires to survive and maintain your current weight, minus the calorific value of your daily food intake.

If your body requires 2,000 calories a day and you only consume 1,200 a day, you are in calorie deficit of 800 and will steadily lose weight as long as this is maintained.

Ms Turton said she also distanced herself from ‘toxic people’ which allowed her to spend more time working towards her goals.

1. Get enough sleep: Ms Turton says she is more prone to binge-eating and snacking on processed food when she is tired. 

2. Increase fruit and vegetable intake: Everyone should eat at least five 80 gram portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  

‘I can’t stress this enough!’ Ms Turton said. 

3. Don’t deprive yourself: Ms Turton says it is possible to eat any food your want and still lose weight – provided you track calories and control your portions to remain in a calorie deficit.

4. Be active: Ms Turton promises every bit of movement done throughout the day will add up to make a huge difference in daily calorie expenditure. 

‘When you go to the shops do you opt for the escalator or the stairs? You should be saying stairs,’ she said.

5. Progress takes time: Ms Turton urges women to remember there is no quick fix for sustainable weight loss. Consistency is the key.

A video documenting her health and fitness journey, which has amassed 3,033 ‘likes’ since it was uploaded on Instagram on January 7, has drawn dozens of delighted responses.

‘You are such an inspiration. You should be so proud of yourself,’ one fan wrote.

‘Yes queen,’ said a second, while a third wrote: ‘You’ve nailed it, well done!’

A fourth thanked Ms Turton for sharing the clip, adding: ‘Heck this has motivated me! You go girl.’

Others said they loved how the trainer focused on simple weight loss tips that are often overlooked in favour of juice cleanses, detox fads and crash diets.

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