Real Wolf of Wall Street reveals what taking ludes is like — and if he’d do one

The real life Wolf of Wall Street revealed what taking Qaaludes is like – and if he'd still take one now.

Jordan Belfort was speaking to Big Game Bob on The Brilliantly Dumb Show when he opened up about his past drug use.

The former Wall Street trader was very well known for his lavish lifestyle and was put on a global map after Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio played him in the debaucherous film.

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It was a smash hit which showed Jordan's high-rolling life where he made his bucks out of swindling people out of their hard-earned cash.

In terms of his drug usage was concerned, the portrayal on the silver screen wasn't far from Jordan's real life, but he's cleaned his act up since.

However, despite being sober for 20 years, he told his interviewer that he would still take a Quaalude if the opportunity came up.

Although he admitted that he was grateful they were illegal now.

"They were great," he said

"They gave you this euphoric feeling with no hangover the next day."

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He added: "In the throes of my addiction I would like to get high at least four times a day

"So I would wake up at like 5am before my wife, take four quaaludes.

"I'd be high as a kite between 5 and 7, then she'd wake up then I'd be sober again.

"When they wear off you're normal again.

"It's not like alcohol, you got sloppy and tired, once it's over it's over."

Jordan continued: "I was like a human petri-dish, 20 drugs trying to find the perfect mixture."

"So I get to a state of toxic poise where I was like just high as a kite, but only I knew it."

Jordan went on to say that his wife at the time just accepted as part of who he was, and even dabbled a little herself.

However, she eventually helped him get sober when she'd had enough.

"She said, 'no more' and 'I'll leave unless you get sober'," he said.

"And at that point I didn't want to split my family up, I still loved her.

"So yes she was definitely instrumental in fuelling my addiction, and then getting me sober at the same time.

He added: "I don't blame her for my addiction, my addiction was on me, but she certainly was a great running partner for many years

"But she never abused it the way I did it.

"She did drugs casually, I did them severely.

"And then when it got really really bad she did finally help me."

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