'Revolution' and NOMOS Unveil Their Collaborative Tangente neomatik 41 Update Watch

After releasing its Ahoi Neomatik 38 Date in a duo of summer-friendly colorways, NOMOS is broadening its catalog with a new collaboration with the international watch magazine Revolution. Titled the Tangente neomatik 41 Update, the timepiece pays homage to the Fibonacci sequence found in nature.

The watch features minute markers corresponding to the first ten numbers of the sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55. Named after the mathematician who discovered them in the 13th century, Fibonacci numbers represent a kind of natural growth sequence: the spiral arrangement of the scales of pine cones, the seeds which emerge under sunflower florets or the growth rings of a snail shell.

The Tangente neomatik 41 Update – Revolution watch displays the hour, minute, second, and date through a harmoniously proportioned dial. It is powered by the patented NOMOS ring date and features the DUW 6101 caliber, a triple-patented engineering marvel. Originally available in white, this special model for Revolution showcases a midnight blue dial and dark gray textile strap. Limited to just 55 pieces worldwide, in alignment with the highest Fibonacci number on the dial, the Tangente neomatik 41 Update – Revolution is expected to launch on August 16 through Revolution and the nomos-glashuette website.

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