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A WOMAN who sent her online boyfriend over £23k has told how he can "go to hell" after learning that he's a catfish and scam artist.

Fran explained how she fell for a man named 'Craig,' who she met online, and hoped to prove everyone wrong that their love was real – and that he was, too.

Despite several attempts to meet him in person, she told how she sent 'Craig' £23.6k – adding that he promised he'd pay her back once he'd received his inheritance.

However, Fran's siblings, Herman and Fay, say they believe 'Craig' is nothing but a catfish and scammer.

Appearing on US talk show Dr Phil, Fran explains: "My boyfriend Craig is very handsome.

"It took me about two to three months and I was completely in love with him and giving him money to get his inheritance.


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"I sold my living room furniture.

"I do miss my furniture – especially when I have company and there's really no place for anybody to sit right now."


With her loved ones casting doubts on who 'Craig' is and his real intentions, Dr Phil explains that he's managed to track down the man in the photo, who Fran knows as'Craig.'

He quickly points out he has "absolutely nothing" to do with anything and has never spoken to Fran in his life.

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"I am the man in the photos but I have not been speaking with you at all," the man in the 'Craig' photo confirms.

After proving the truth, Dr Phil then asks Fran whether she still has any doubts at all.

"I'm deleting everything and moving on with my life the best I can," she says.

However, Fran reveals that just a few weeks after the show, she received a message on social media from a guy who explained his name was 'Chris,' but who she knew as 'Craig.'

She adds that it wasn't long until he wanted money, so she sent him a total of £786.

Speaking of her sister, Fay says: "I don't know how he manipulated her again but he did."

Admitting she's "ashamed" to face Dr Phil again, Fran explains: "'Chris' wanted to be honest with me and tell me who he really was.

"Chris told me that he lived in London and he needed a Visa and £2.3k to get the visa – that's when I deleted him and said, 'no absolutely not.'"

Moving on, Fran goes on to say how she then met a man named 'Daniel Francis,' who her friends have warned is just "another scammer."

Dr Phil urges: "Fran, you need to get off the internet…you need to unplug for 90 days and give yourself a chance to meet somebody in the real world."

Taking his advice, Fran catches up with Dr Phil a year later and shares how she's been doing.

"I've been great," she says, appearing via video link.

"I did get off the internet for 90 days like I promised you."

Dr Phil then asks whether she's heard from Craig, Chris or Daniel since they last spoke.

"I haven't heard from Daniel, I however have heard from Chris," she says.

"He texts me with different numbers but I took your advice and I tell him to go to hell every time."

The TV host concludes by asking Fran how she looks back at that previous time of her life.

"I look at it totally different," she explains.

"I have started a whole new life.

"I also go dancing three to four nights a week.

"I've met real men who treat me with utmost dignity.

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