Prince Harry's Family Member Talks About Other Royals 'Wanting to Throw Punches' at the Duke of Sussex Now

Prince Harry has been in the news a lot lately whether it’s for speaking about causes close to his heart, his trip with wife Meghan Markle to New York City, or his verbal jabs at the royal family. But now another member of the Firm, Mike Tindall, is talking about how he took physical jabs at the Duke of Sussex years ago and how the rest of the royal family would like to do that now.

Who is Mike Tindall?

Tindall is the husband of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara. He was born in Otley, in West Yorkshire, England, on Oct. 18, 1978, and when he was 18 years old became a professional rugby player.

Tindall met Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest granddaughter in 2003 and after dating for years, the two were married on July 30, 2011. “I’ve never been in love before,” the groom told Hello! then. “But Zara is the love of my life. No doubt.” Today, they have three children: Mia, Lena, and Lucas.

Tindall also met Prince Harry in 2003 and they have been pretty tight over the years.

What he said about other royals wanting to punch Prince Harry

On Sept. 27, at A Question Of Sport Live at the London Palladium, Tindall relayed a story to the crowd about the Duke of Sussex. The Daily Mail noted that Tindall revealed what happened on a “boozy night several years back when Harry joined England’s team to celebrate their Rugby World Cup win in Sydney.”

According to the publication: “After several drinks, Tindall and teammate Iain Balshaw decided it would be funny to throw some punches at the queen’s grandson and see how long it would take his security to knock them to the ground. He laughed as he explained it took just a few seconds.”

The Rugby legend then joked that these days other members of royal family would like to get a few jabs in on the duke, adding: “At Balmoral, the family are now having the same conversation. Except the queen has taken his security away.”

What Tindall said when previously asked about Harry and Meghan’s decision to step down

Tindall was previously asked about the drama that has occurred between his wife’s cousin and the rest of the royal family. However, he refused to comment on it and wouldn’t answer any other questions about the Duke of Sussex.

During an appearance on the “House of Rugby” podcast, host Alex Payne noted that Tindall had vacationed in Australia. Payne commented that it was “not a bad time to be away” since there is “quite a lot going on” within the royal family. Tindall responded by telling the host he wasn’t going to discuss Harry or Meghan saying: “Let’s not talk about that.”

The former rugby player was then asked if he had spoken to Harry but he shut down any more talk about the Sussexes saying the topic was a “no-go area.”

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