Pregnant Amy Childs: ‘Nursery fees are a fortune – I pay £100 a day’

Amy Childs has said her nursery fees are already a "fortune" as she prepares for the arrival of her twins.

The TOWIE favourite, 32, is expecting twins with her beau Billy Delbosq, with their little bundles of joy expected to arrive next month.

Amy is already mum to two children from previous relationships: Polly, five, and Ritchie, four.

Ritchie isn't in school yet, meaning Amy is still paying for his childcare and forks out an eye-watering £100 a day in nursery fees.

The soon-to-be mum-of-four wrote in her weekly OK! column: "At the moment, Rich gets 15 hours childcare for free, but I do think about the mother mums out there who haven’t got additional childcare such as their mums and have to do everything by themselves.

"The new Spring Budget plans will be amazing for mums like that as they definitely need the extra support."

Amy continued: "Nursery fees are an absolute fortune. To put Rich through nursery, I’m looking at about £100 a day, and that’s for seven hours. He goes in at 9am and I go pick him up at 5 o’clock. It’s a lot of money, especially when Polly was there as well.

"It’s sad that some mums are going to work just to cover their childcare costs. I’m a working mum too and the twins have already been put down for a nursery and they’ll probably start going there when they’re a year old because I’ll be needing to go back to work."

Sharing similar sentiments, Amy's fellow OK! columnist Frankie Essex previously noted how some people's childcare bills are more than their rent.

"Even though the new childcare plans announced as part of the Spring Budget won’t benefit us yet because of Logan and Luella’s age when it’s implemented, it’s still a good thing to bring in," she wrote.

"It’s been really hard for parents. I met a girl the other day and we were talking about nurseries and I asked where she sent her two young kids to, and she told me spends £1,700 a month on it. I just thought… Wow, that’s more than people’s rent. It’s disgusting."

Frankie added: "It’ll make a big difference for us because I had planned on just keeping the twins at home, but it’s important for them to mix with other children. Before this, financially, I don’t think we could have sent them to nursery."

Come back next week to hear more from celebrity mums Amy Childs and Frankie Essex.


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