I’m a DIY fan – people always think you can't paint IKEA furniture but there's a £22 buy that changes the game | The Sun

IKEA furniture might be a pain to assemble but DIY fans are often heard talking about how tricky it can be to paint too.

Bit one interiors whizz goes by @peonyandhoneyon TikTok has shared the knack to giving it a glow up.

She said: “Before you try to paint IKEA furniture watch this video.”

Chatting to the camera she then explained how most IKEA furniture is designed so most primers just won't work on them.

She said: “Most IKEA furniture comes with this coated particle board, it really can't be sanded down and most primers will not stick to it”

The DIY fan said sanding won't help and all you need is a good primer. 

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She said: “Spare your arms lol no sanding needed when you use this primer.”

“So this is what I use. This is the Shellac bin primer from Zinzer. What I like about this so it sticks to the IKEA surfaces so well.”

A one litre can of this primer normally costs around £22.99 and can often be found on the shelves of Screwfix or Toolstation.

The DIY fan said: “It also helps to adhere your paint to the primer and not have scratches in your paint.”

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The primer is quick drying and you can usually get away with one coat. 

“Roll or brush on the primer. It's dry to the touch in 20 minutes. 45 minutes if you want to do a second coat but you can usually get away with one,” she adds.

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However, giving her fans a warning, the woman goes onto explains how the primer will roll on awkwardly with small bubbles forming but adds that these would smooth out when dried. 

“Just a heads up it will look like this when you roll it on with a bunch or bubbles but they smooth out when it dries.”

“Now your IKEA furniture is all prepped for paint. It will stick to the surface and not scratch.”

The furniture painting hack gained over 670,000 views. 

One user said: “Thank you I’ve been so scared to paint IKEA furniture because of the finish!!”

Another said: “My absolute favourite! You can also get the Zinsser AllCoat tinted to any colour, which I love.”

A third viewer said: “Chalk paint works as well, no primer.”

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