Medaina Festival Will Take Over Jordan's Cultural Sites With Endless Techno Beats

The Middle East is the place to be. The region’s rich music history is impossible to overlook, pushing its star talent onto global stages. The latest event to arrive in the Middle East is Medaina Festival, slated to storm Jordan’s historical sights with thumping electronic beats.

Medaina Festival will debut in Jordan next year, welcoming guests to the country’s Wadi Rum valley — nicknamed Mars on Earth due to its otherworldly scenery. The event will span several days, brightened by an international line-up of techno musicians and DJs.

Besides music, Medaina Festival strongly focuses on art, astronomy, culture, and sustainability, looking to deliver an unforgettable experience with an eco-friendly approach. The festival will run from May 22 to May 27, 2024, opening at Jordan’s archaeological city of Petra before migrating to Wadi Rum on the third day.

Find more information on Medaina Festival here.

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