‘My hair fail for wedding day was so bad friends told me to "run"’

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    A bride-to-be was left mortified after her bridal hairdo went horribly wrong.

    Florence, from the US, went to a hairstylist to try out some styles for her wedding day – but it didn't quite go to plan.

    She did her research and showed the wedding look she was after — a long-length with big wavy curls along with shine and volume.

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    In the TikTok video, Florence said "this is what I wanted" as she shared a selfie, showing the finished look.

    The hairstylist appeared to have missed a few strands of her hair and the curls looked flat.

    Some of the strands looked tangled up at the bottom.

    Disappointed with the result, she warned: "I cannot stress the importance of hair and makeup trials enough.

    "You need a hair and makeup trial.

    "And sometimes, no matter how nice someone is, you can’t hire them."

    In the second video, she went to a toilet to show the back of her head.

    "Honestly I could have done better myself and this is immediately after leaving [the hair salon], I was still in the building," Florence wrote.

    The bride-to-be was convinced that it was down to poor execution.

    She posted pictures to show how other hairstylists styled her hair.

    Florence said: "My hair is fine and silky and it does hold a curl, this was just done very poorly.

    "I don’t want to put the stylist on blast, I know she honestly tried… but it was a woman who owns a hair salon in Akron, Ohio."

    One viewer shared her experience, saying: "I did a bridal trial and then the day of, they did something totally different, that wasn't me at all."

    A second commented: "Same thing happened to me at my trial and the stylist tried to say it was because my hair was heavy. Found someone else who could do it."

    "Girl, run! Thank God it's only a trial!" a third added.

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