Model earns fortune from ‘unsexy’ requests – like brushing teeth and vacuuming

An admin assistant spilled the beans on her side hustle where she films "unsexy" requests on OnlyFans.

Bambi Love turned to the kinky adults-only site in July 2020, after being furloughed by her work.

At her peak, the married 30-year-old made £550 a month then kept it up when she returned to her job.

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She's earned around £17,000 from her "other job", including £60 for a three-minute clip of her brushing her teeth.

The content creator even got £100 to film herself walking on slices of bread, as well as doing chores at home.

And thanks to her side hustle, Bambi's been able to save up money for a deposit on a house.

Bambi, from Derbyshire, said: "I do personal requests, which can be really wild.

"I'd say I'm quite open-minded on the whole.

"But sometimes I say no on the grounds I feel uncomfortable, or what they're asking is just unfeasible!"

The admin assistant was bored in lockdown so she turned to the adult subscription site.

After a while she built up a large following but wasn't interested in leaving her job in administration.

Although she treats her OnlyFans as a hobby, Bambi still receives a variety of strange requests from her subscribers.

One lad, who assumed she had a toothpaste fetish, paid £60 for a three-minute video of her brushing her teeth.

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She even received £100 to just walk bare foot over slices of bread.

"I'm constantly asked to film myself doing normal household chores like hoovering and washing up," she admitted.

"Sometimes I do it in a maid outfit, sometimes fully clothed."

Although Bambi is open to catering for personal requests, she's been made to feel uncomfortable in the past.

She concluded: "I draw the line at some things because they're just too weird.

"One subscriber asked me to send them hair and finger nail clippings for a lot of money – but I said no.

"Another guy asked me to paint myself blue, dress up as a blueberry and dance around for him, which I found very odd.

"And, some stuff I get asked is just unfeasible, for example someone wanted me to bathe in a tub full of baked beans."

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But luckily her content on OnlyFans doesn't make her husband feel uncomfortable as he's completely okay with it.

Speaking about how her other half thinks of her venture, Bambi admitted: "My husband is fully supportive.

"He's often involved in my more explicit videos.

"It's definitely been an eye opening experience, and, on the whole, I've loved every minute."

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