Man fuming after girlfriend refuses to be his alarm clock

Many of us are guilty of hitting the snooze button one too many times, but when it becomes a regular occurrence it’s something that needs to be dealt with.

Apparently, this man’s solution to his habit of sleeping through alarms was to pass the job onto his girlfriend – and the responsibility of waking him has caused conflict in their relationship.

Posting on Reddit’s Am I The Asshole? forum, the woman, 29, shared how her boyfriend, 35, has been living with her since starting his first engineering job two months ago.

The woman works freelance from home so doesn’t have to get up at a set time, while her partner has to leave the house by 7.45am latest each day.

She explained how he often sleeps through his two alarms – one at 7am and one at 7.10am – leaving her to to wake him up when she notices.

‘On the times I realised he hasn’t moved from bed and it’s past 7.30am,’ she said. ‘he would get really mad when I woke him up, yelling “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner???”.’

The issue came to a head recently, when the woman saw her boyfriend turn off his alarm and fall back asleep once more. She ‘wasn’t really paying attention to the time’ but notified him when she did realise around half an hour later.

Her post continued: ‘He took his phone and saw it was 7.37am and rushed off to the bathroom, slamming the door.

‘As he was putting his clothes on, he was arguing “It’s an a-hole move of yours to not tell me the time earlier, because of that I’m going to be late and will leave without even brushing my teeth!”.’

The woman told her boyfriend that she didn’t mean to upset him but argued: ‘Being on time for his work isn’t my responsibility.’

To this, the man responded: ‘If you are awake and capable of helping out, but you decide not to, then you are an a-hole.’

Although his girlfriend tried to reason with him, reiterating she didn’t want him to lose his job, the man’s reaction only served to escalate things further.

The woman wrote: ‘Before leaving for work in a rush, he blew his nose on my favorite towel (leaving boogers on it) and said, “You have that white towel on the bathroom to make it look pretty, right?”.

‘He’s in a general a very good partner, so I was appalled that he would retaliate like that, which made me rethink if I should just keep waking him up if he sleeps in, as I’m already awake and I’m capable of doing it.’

The general consensus among Redditors was, ‘he is an adult and is capable of getting out of bed on time,’ with the boyfriend branded ‘lazy, vindictive and gross’ by some.

‘I would tell him if he ever retaliates in such a disgusting manner again that he will be packing his bags and leaving,’ said one person. ‘That is not acceptable behaviour under any circumstances. He is punishing you for his inability to get himself up on time.’

‘You’re his partner, not his mother,’ commented another. ‘It sounds like this happens all the time and he genuinely thinks it’s your job to wake him up if he’s sleeping in too late. His response was also super childish and petty.’

A third added: ‘The petty retaliatory behavior with the towel is a major red flag. He just disrespected you in a major way.’

Some suggested having a conversation with him to establish firm boundaries and others recommended ending the relationship, but there were a few commenters who sided with the boyfriend instead.

One wrote: ‘Being a couple is a partnership. No one is good at everything. Not noticing the time is fine but if you knew the time and decided not to wake him up then you aren’t helping your partner.

‘You are intentionally causing and issue and either looking for a fight or tired of helping him. Either way it’s a problem and it hurts the trust he has for you.’

‘It doesn’t hurt you at all to help him out. You’re just being petty,’ added another. ‘The only lesson he’s learning is that he can’t depend on you to be a life partner.’

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