Lidl launches new checkout system and some customers aren’t happy

Lidl announced changes to its checkout system.

The supermarket giant is testing scan-as-you-shop technology that will allow customers to use their smartphones in store.

They simply need to scan barcodes on items they’re picking up – or on receipts if they need to weigh items like fruit and vegetables.

Once they’ve picked up all the groceries they need, customers should head to the self-service checkout area.

The supermarket says the new system will allow customers to scan and pay for items using their smartphones.

Lidl Go – as the new system is being called – will begin in London, as part of a trial, before rolling out nationwide if successful.

To try the new service, you can download the app now.

This could help to speed up the shopping process and remove queues going forward.

But despite this, some aren’t happy with the changes that are being rolled out at Lidl.

According to Birmingham Live, one shopper moaned: “Great now we're supposed to do their work for them. Hope they don't expect us to restock the shelves and clean up spills.."

Another said: "No thanks. Prefer speaking to humans."

Shoppers no longer have to abide by face mask rules in England – but Lidl customers are politely asked to keep wearing them.

A spokesperson said: "Although no longer legally required in England, the government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas and we will have signage in place at store entrances reminding our customers of this.

"Within England, we will enable colleagues to individually decide if they prefer to continue wearing a face covering or not and will continue to make these available for our colleagues."

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