KFC launches new mouth-watering fries – and customers can get them for free

KFC has just launched new fries – and they sound finger lickin' good.

The fast food giant is famous for its mouth-watering Original Recipe and delicious menu. Now it's released the all-new Signature Fries and we're all excited for it.

Inspired by the world-famous Original Recipe, the fries come with seasoning to taste just like the chicken. And now KFC created the world's first Fry Swatter to keep the wandering hands at bay.

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It comes as research revealed fries were among the top four foods people think are too delicious to share with 59% implementing tactics to avoid having to be generous.

The limited-edition Fry Swatter is available while stocks last through the KFC Shop. For a £1 donation, it will go towards the KFC Youth Foundation.

And the great news is that fans can get their hands on KFC's new Signature Fries for free until October 13 by scanning their QR code from the KFC app and redeeming at the front counter.

KFC's all-new Signature Fries have been given the ultimate revamp and flavoured with a delicious combination of herbs and spices, inspired by the iconic Original Recipe.

Research also revealed 42% of people rarely share food and 16% even admitted they would physically step in to stop someone stealing their fries.

We all have that one friend who says they don't want fries with their oder, until their eyes begin wandering when yours arrive. The poll of 2,000 adults found over 50% of Brits suffer from food envy.

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Almost a quarter unable to resist temptation and asking for a bite. But to add insult to injury, one in 10 Brits say they never share their food – and consider pals who plate-pinch one of life's biggest bugbears.

To combat fry-by-night thieves, the Fry Swatter is this season's tastiest tool and it's 30cm long to give you extra reach, needed to catch pesky pinchers from any angle.

The Fry Swatter will be available to pre-order from the October 9 on the KFC Shop.

Kate Wall, Strategy & Innovation Director at KFC, said: "The people have spoken! Sharing fries can be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to our brand-new Signature Fries – inspired by our iconic herbs and spices, they're just too good to share.

"The research proves that fry-snatching is one of the nation's biggest gripes, so we challenged ourselves to create something to stop them once and for all. Our fries are finally finger lickin' good – so good, you won't want to share!"

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