I'm bald – people need to start giving us respect too

I’m bald and people think it’s funny – it’s not taken seriously as a body confidence issue

  • One man, believed to be from the US spoke of bald-shaming 
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Many of us struggle with body image – whether we feel insecure about our height or weight – but one man has argued one of his body features isn’t taken very seriously.

The anonymous man, believed to be from the US, took to Reddit‘s Unpopular Opinion forum to share his frustration at people mocking him for being bald.

In the post, he revealed he has been called ‘baldy’ and ‘Mr Clean’ in the past, and is often branded ‘the bald guy’ – and he’s baffled that people find it acceptable to mock him over this feature.

He even argues that he could very well clap back at people if he wanted to, and said he saw no reason why he shouldn’t respond by calling people ‘chubby’ if they chose to mock him.

His argument divided opinion between readers, picking up sympathy from some but causing others to  who were unsure if they agreed with his argument.

A man has sparked debate on Reddit after arguing he should be allowed to make jokes about other people’s appearances if they mock his baldness

Writing on the forum, the man said: ‘I have never been self conscious and I enjoy being bald, but it amazes me over the many years how casually people will say offhand things like “Hey baldy, the bald guy, what’s up Mr Clean, where did all your hair go?”‘

He continued: ‘A lot of men really struggle with balding and I wonder how this affects them? Why would it be so horrible [for me] to respond, “I’m doing well, how’s your day going chubby”?’ 

The man pointed out how balding is genetic and inevitable for some, whereas he argued obesity is something that happens ‘by choice’.  

Many chimed in to show their support for the man – and some even said they already make comments about people’s weight when they feel targeted. 

One person said: ‘When an obese person pokes fun at my bald head, I DO say something about their weight’. The total shock on their faces is always priceless!’

Another said they wanted to form a ‘bald positivity movement’.

However, another anonymous commenter on the post said the man was being unfair and other people ‘deserve to be treated like human beings’, even if they have offended him. 

One man, who is also bald, says he often receives abuse over his lack of hair but insisted: ‘It doesn’t bother me.’

However, he added: ‘The fact that they don’t think twice about hurling an insult like that is troubling.’

And another argued there shouldn’t be an issue anyway – because bald heads are ‘kind of in’ these days.

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