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A CLEANING whizz has shared three simple ways to make your home smell amazing on the cheap.

So if you don’t fancy splashing the cash on fancy candles and diffusers, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s nothing better than a home that smells fresh – right? Well, luckily for you, a woman named Anna Louisa has revealed the simple tricks you must try.

Sharing her advice on social media, Anna said: “Here’s three ways to make your home smell amazing this Autumn!”

She first advised people to “make a simple pot using your favourite autumnal ingredients.”

Anna then explained: “Make a simmer pot using all of your favourite autumnal ingredients to fill your whole house with the scent! 

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“You can simmer this for hours throughout the day topping up with water when needed. 

“You can also re-heat it for up to four days!”

To make her simmer pot, Anna added orange slices, apple slices, one teaspoon of vanilla, one teaspoon of cloves and a cinnamon stick. 

Secondly, Anna then added: “You can then use the leftover liquid once cool as a DIY air freshener made entirely from natural ingredients.”

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Finally, the DIY whizz suggested: “Deodorise your carpets using bicarbonate of soda and sweet orange essential oil

“Sprinkle over your carpets/rugs and vacuum up after 15 minutes. 

“This will rid them of nasty odours leaving them with a lovely scent!”

If you haven’t got any orange essential oil at home already, you can buy a bottle for as cheap as £1 from eBay.

When it comes to bicarbonate of soda, if you’re running low, you can nab it for just 65p from Tesco. 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @anna_louisa_at_home, just five days ago, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 80,400 views.

Social media users were thrilled at the hacks and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Love a good simmer pot.”

Another added: “These are all such FAB ideas! Definitely going to give them a go.”

A third commented: “Love this! A must try.” 



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Whilst someone else chimed in: “What an amazing idea.” 

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