‘I accidentally ruined my friend’s wedding by wearing the wrong dress’

A woman has been labeled a wedding wrecker after accidentally posting a picture of her friend’s wedding dress online – without knowing it was her wedding dress.

The ordeal began when the wedding guest purchased an extravagant dress on Amazon for an event and shared it in a group chat to get a second opinion on how to wear her hair.

One particular member of the group, named Laura for privacy reasons, said she loved the dress and asked where it was from.

Recalling the exchange on Reddit, the woman wrote: “I gave it to her but was unaware of what she was doing with it as it was not my business to ask.

“Fast forward to a few days after the vent and I had posted the pictures from it. I was super happy finally being able to share them, [as] that night was super special for me.”

Laura’s – who was due to get married in three years – eventually caught wind of the social media post and went ballistic at her friend for sharing the pictures.

“Laura ends up messaging me going off about the pictures I had posted,” explained the Redditor. “She apparently was using the dress for her wedding dress and her fiance, who I was also friends with, saw it. 

“She tells me I’m the a**hole for even wearing the dress after I knew she was interested in it and should have just bought another one.”

The poster went on: “She proceeds to dig into me, calling me a wedding wrecker, and tells me I ruined her wedding and her relationship.

“Her fiance argued with her saying I did nothing wrong since I wasn’t aware she was using it as a wedding dress. Laura claims she cannot get another dress in time for her wedding in three years and she can’t get her money back. “

The woman was completely baffled by her friend’s comments, pointing out that she never would have known the dress existed unless it had been brought up in the chat.

“It was already bought before anyone [had] seen it,” she pointed out.

Fellow Redditors raced to the comments section to extend their support to the distraught woman, agreeing that the bride was in the wrong.

One person wrote: “I believe this post is real for sure, but I don’t believe there is any way you could believe you could be the a**hole either.

“Is this really something people get that upset about?” to which the poster replied. “I didn’t think so either [to be honest].

“But I had a few people tell me I should have picked another dress too after I knew she was interested. But I had already bought it.”

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