Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Wednesday, October 25


Share the load as a team. You are all working towards the same goal. Rivalry can be parked for several days when what’s important now is to gather together and find a way to move the group forward. There will be plenty of time in the future to break off independently.


A difficult project will be successfully completed. all thanks to your hard work and determination. Sincere praise will be offered for your help. If you’re applying for a new job, a powerful executive will offer to give you a reference. This will put your application to the top of the pile of candidates.


Choose places, activities and situations that enable you to connect with other people. If you have been feeling lonely, this is the solution to your problem. Sign up for an evening class, beginner’s course or creative workshop. Not only will you widen your social circle, you will be developing your creative and leisure interests too.


As a result of some recent dealings you will not feel comfortable with a situation. You are swimming out of your depth and it goes without saying that the sooner you bring yourself into calmer, more controllable waters, the better. All the tension is getting you down.


You aren’t able to close your mind to complicated issues that are making you tense and irritable. When you aren’t as careful as you know you should be, you will need to work doubly hard in order to avoid making costly mistakes. Watch your step.


A stitch in time may well save nine. You are being kept busy trying to resolve a number of problems that have cropped up today. You will do your best to deal with issues the moment they arise even if sometimes you feel as if this could be made easier with a little help from others involved.


Discussing finances and other serious issues with a partner will give you food for thought. Their willingness to share their ideas will surprise you when up until now they have remained silent. Now they seem to have a few useful ideas to share with you and you are listening.


Teamwork really counts. A concerted effort is exactly what is needed to achieve a mutual goal. Problems you come across in the workplace will be more successfully dealt with when you and your colleagues work together as an operational team.


The burst of energy and vitality you experience early on will set you up for an exciting and rewarding day. Practically nothing is likely to get in your way. Health, environmental and political causes will hold a great deal of appeal. Your involvement in a pressure group is because you believe deeply in its worth.

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Someone who is deliberately goading you on a social networking site should be blocked. Lashing out will only cause further argument and add fuel to your anger. Don’t get sucked into anyone else’s hostile energy. Rather than taking negative comments personally, rise above the fray.


You’re tired of politely agreeing to take part in activities other people are enthusing about. You won’t want to admit the subject actually bores you to tears. All of a sudden jobs you had been planning to do will not sound very appealing especially when you think of the fun you could otherwise be having on the social scene.


You may not be doing as well as competitors. You might be struggling with an assignment or in trying to develop a new skill. None of these things really matter. What’s important is that you are trying and you intend to persevere until you get results.

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