Eagles Star A.J. Brown Blasts NFL's Cleat Policy, 'That Rule Sucks'

A.J. Brown is annoyed at the NFL for making him take off his custom cleats during the Eagles’ game on Monday night … saying the league’s policy regarding footwear “sucks.”

The Philadelphia star didn’t hold back when talking about his beef with the NFL’s uniform rules with a gaggle of reporters at his locker on Friday … saying he thinks it’s BS that he couldn’t wear his highlighter-green kicks during the Birds’ “Monday Night Football” game against Tampa Bay.

Brown says he tried to wear the shoes so his daughter could see him more easily on TV … but when officials told him they’d pull him from the game if he didn’t remove the spikes — he switched to black ones.

aj brown

“You know,” he said, “I’m trying to stay on the field.”

Brown said because he complied with the rules, he avoided a $7,000 fine from the league … but now, he wants players throughout the NFL to revolt against the policy so guys can wear whatever they want on gamedays going forward.

“I think all players should just wear whatever they want to wear,” the wideout said. “They’re not going to be able to fine everybody in the league. So I think we should start that movement as players.”

For now, though, Brown will have to wear muted kicks for at least a few more weeks … until the NFL relaxes its rules for its “My Cause My Cleats” initiative.

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