Final day to order KFC Christmas menu including the gravy burger

TODAY is the final day KFC fans get the Christmas menu, including the popular gravy burger.

The festive season officially ends at the fast food giant tomorrow leaving fans less than 24 hours to get their hands on the limited menu items.

Fried chicken lovers have been able to tuck into the gravy burger since mid November.

The limited edition burger features a layer of gravy mayonnaise, an Original Recipe chicken fillet, a slice of melted cheese and a hash brown "gravy boat" that you pour gravy onto.

It costs £6.99 as part of a meal, which includes the Gravy Burger, gravy, Original Piece mini fillet, a side, a pot of gravy mayonnaise and a drink.

The three festive gravy-themed sharing buckets are also set to disappear from the menu tomorrow.

KFC’s Christmas menu 2020

HERE’S what you’ll be able to order from KFC’s Christmas menu 2020:

  • Gravy Double with eight hot wings – from £19.99
  • Gravy Double with six mini fillets – from £19.99
  • Gravy Triple with eight hot wings and six mini fillets – from £23.99
  • Viennetta Krushem – £1.99
  • Gravy Burger box meal – £6.99

The two gravy double buckets cost £19.99 each and come with six pieces of Original Recipe chicken, one regular popcorn chicken, four bags of chips, four sides of gravy, plus a drink.

But you then need to choose to add either eight hot wings, or six mini fillets, to your bucket.

The gravy triple bucket comes with both the eight hot wings and six mini fillets and will set you back around £23.99.

It's also your last chance to grab a Viennetta Krushem milkshake.

It contains creamy vanilla Krushem mix with dark chocolate shards to mimic a classic Viennetta and costs £1.99.

Of course, it's worth bearing in mind that many KFC branches are franchised and can set their own prices, so costs may vary.

Plus, you wont be down for long because the fast food chain is rumoured to be bringing back its 20 hot wings bucket deal for £5.99 from tomorrow.

The majority of KFC restaurants are currently closed to diners who want to sit inside to eat their meals in line with the government's coronavirus restrictions.

Most of England has now been moved into Tier 3 and 4, which means restaurants and pubs can only stay open for takeaways.

You can find your nearest branch and its opening hours using the locator tool.

Confused about what the lockdown measures mean for pubs and restaurants? We've put together a guide to help clear things up.

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