Dave Chappelle Cracks Trans Joke After He's Tackled on Stage During Netflix Is a Joke Festival

Chris Rock came on stage afterward and alluded to his own recent attack, quipping, "Was that Will Smith?"

Dave Chappelle continues to court controversy, even when he’s clearly the victim of a shocking attack. That’s what happened during his appearance at the Hollywood Bowl for the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival.

According to ABC News and social media shares, the comedian was rushed while on stage and tackled to the ground by an unidentified man. The outlet reports that the duo “appeared to tussle on the stage floor,” before the man ran off.

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He didn’t get very far though, as Chappelle’s security reportedly overcame the individual in the rear corner of the stage, surrounding and tackling him in response. No explanation or precipitating situation has been revealed immediately preceding the attack.

As this was happening, Chappelle reportedly ran toward the on-stage altercation, saying that the person was being “stomped,” while repeatedly asking security to remove him. Video footage shared online afterward appeared to show the man’s shoulder dislocated and his arm possibly broken.

After the man was removed, Chappelle could be heard on shared video joking to the audience that it was “a trans man,” a clear allusion to the controversy that has surrounded him since he made anti-trans jokes on his recent Netflix comedy special “Closer.”

The Netflix Is a Joke Fest runs is an 11-day festival, scheduled to run until May 8. It takes place at different venues throughout the Los Angeles area and is purported to feature more than 130 different performers.

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After the alleged attacker was subdued, removed and taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance, per ABC News, Chris Rock came up on the stage with Chappelle. Rock, who had already performed earlier in the night, quipped, “Was that Will Smith?” Jamie Foxx also purportedly came to the stage to check on Chappelle.

Fans continue to wait for Rock to speak more openly about the shocking attack that rocked the Oscars telecast when Smith walked up to him on the stage and smacked him across the face before returning to his seat and screaming for Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth.

This came after Rock made a “G.I. Jane” joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s short hairstyle, referencing the Demi Moore film. He subsequently said that he was unaware she suffered from alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did nothing at the time, allowing Smith to win a Best Actor Oscar later in the night and offer an awkward apology. He was subsequently banned from any Academy event or program for ten years. Smith accepted this decision.

You can check out footage of the altercation and its aftermath below, as shared by fans on-site through social media (warning: some footage may be graphic and NSFW).

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