Comedian takes ultimate revenge on savage troll – but fans reckon it backfires

A comedian has gone viral after he filmed himself travelling 150 miles to confront an online troll who kept commenting "chicken wire" on his Facebook posts.

Canadian comic Bobby Mair, who posts online under the username @bobbymaircomedy, declared "revenge is best served cold" as he filmed himself driving from his home in London to the Black Country, West Midlands to confront his troll. He claims the bloke had apparently been a heckler in the audience, shouting "chicken wire" at him when he did a show in Birmingham a decade ago.

But now the troll wouldn't stop putting the two words under anything he was posting on social media. So, he decided to track down the bloke after noticing he had his location and workplace on his profile to confront him face-to-face.

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In the video, which has gained more than 1.4million viewers and hundreds of comments, Mair explained: "I got off stage and some guy shouted, 'chicken wire' and I thought that was the end of it.

"Every time I posted on my Facebook page for the last 10 years this guy comments 'chicken wire chicken wire'. But he made a mistake, he used his real name.

"I found him on LinkedIn, and I know where he works so I am driving to 150 miles to Dudley." He found out the bloke was an EE employee at the Merry Hill branch and strode right in to give the bloke a piece of his mind.

Shoppers and staff looked confused as Bobby strode into the mobile phone and shouted "Chicken Wire" and "you trolled me for 10 years but I win. I win. You lose." But the bloke just laughed at him.

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TikTok users found the post hilarious as some joked they would do the same. Although others claimed it pretty much backfired as the troll "won".

One user wrote: "He made you drive 150 miles, I think he won." Another wrote: "I'm going Merry Hill to shout chicken wire."

A third asked: "If he comments chicken wire on this vid, you know he wins don't you?" A fourth quipped: "I live in Wolverhampton and often go to that shopping centre, I will get him too."

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