I lifted my entire face thanks to a totally free eyebrow hack – people say it’s a huge no-no… I’ve never looked better | The Sun

A SAVVY beauty whizz has caused quite the debate after sharing how an easy eyebrow hack lifted her face in just minutes.

Eyebrows are an important feature that can instantly change the wayyou look, whether you're opting for a 90s-inspired trend or a more bushy appearance.

One person who recently proved this is 27-year-old Chelsea Olivia, from Texas, the USA, who demonstrated how an easy eyebrow trick lifted her eye area.

According to the young stunner, the secret is simple and requires just two things – some tape, as well as tweezers.

Before the quick makeover, Chelsea was sporting a natural arch that was complimented with a longer tail on the outer corners.

In the now-viral video, which has been viewed over a whopping 13million times, the woman began by placing the tape over her brows, leaving the bottom of the tale peaking underneath.



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Once happy with the placement and ensuring both brows are matching as much as possible, she grabbed the tweezers and removed the hair one by one.

The result was amazing – her face instantly had a more youthful and lifted appearance, and even Chelsea was all chuffed with the glow-up.


She added: ''It helps the tail not drag the eyes/face down! It lifts I swear.''

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However, whilst the beauty fanatic may have been over the moon with the transformation, the eyebrow hack left social media users totally divided.

Over 1.7k people raced to comments, where hundreds insisted they'd never do it themselves.


One, for example, was convinced Chelsea would grow to regret the decision.

''Shave don't pluck y'all, just in case you want them back in the future. My mom and sister learned the hard way in the 2000s.''

Someone else was also not entirely sold on the idea, thinking it was too much hassle to maintain the sleek look.

''it looks so good but no nope not gonna do it, ı cant deal with have to pluck them after a few days, never touching my eyebrows ever [sic].''

A third who had given the hack a go also didn't have a positive experience, warning others: ''i tried last year and it looked like i had no eyebrows from the side.''

But there were also plenty of those who praised the idea, with one writing: ''Using the tape is genius.''

''WELL YOU MAY HAVE FIXED MY BROW ISSUE,'' a TikTok user penned.

But before you rush to pluck your brows, it's important to know how to shape them to flatter your face – and according to make-up whizz Huda Kattan, there are a few things to bear in mind.

For instance, if your face is more round, the best pick is opting for a high-arched brow that will elongate the overall appearance.

Meanwhile, those with an oval face should go for softly-angled brows, Huda explained.

Think your face has a more heart shape? Then the pro advised to opt for a soft, rounded brow with a lower arch.

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However, if you, like Priyanka Chopra, have square-shaped face with stronger features the make-up guru recommended to soften this with slightly angled brows.

Will you be giving this hack a go? Let us know in the comments.

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