Bride dubbed ‘ridiculous’ for wanting bridesmaids to ink eyebrows for wedding

A bride has been dubbed "ridiculous" for allegedly trying to get her bridesmaids to have their eyebrows tattooed before her wedding.

The anonymous soon-to-be Mrs claimed the beauty treatment is a "must" for all in the wedding party.

Now she's left people fuming as some don't want to have it done.

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A family member brought the story to people's attention after opening up about the matter on Reddit.

He vented his frustration after his sister allegedly tried to force his partner to "tattoo" her eyebrows ready for the big day.

If the idea has left you shocked – you're not the only one – as people seem flabbergasted by it.

Writing on Reddit, the social media user said: "My sister 'Megan' is getting married this summer.

"She had asked my girlfriend 'Rosie' to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. This was four months ago.

"Last week Megan told all the women in her wedding party they have to get something called microblading done.

"For anyone who is like me and had no idea what that is, microblading is getting eyebrows tattooed on your face.

"I didn't understand because Rosie and all the other bridesmaids have eyebrows.

"None of them have lost them because of cancer or something like that.

"Megan told me the microblading is done right on top of your own eyebrows.

"She made appointments for herself and the wedding party in July, so the tattoo will be healed for the wedding which is in December.

"I think this is a ridiculous thing to demand of people and so does Rosie.

"Megan never said anything about this when she announced she was getting married this summer and asked Rosie to be a bridesmaid.

"Rosie never would have agreed to it. Megan isn't just offering it as an option."

It's alleged the bride said the beauty procedure is a "must" for anyone in the wedding party, but he insists there's "nothing wrong" with Rosie's eyebrows.

"She even tried to compromise with Megan, and said she would have them dyed for the wedding if it was that important," he added.

"Rosie has naturally light blonde hair, and very light blonde eyebrows, so dark eyebrows will look ridiculous on her but she was willing to dye hers, and have them dark for a few weeks just to make Megan happy.

"This wasn't enough for Megan, so Rosie dropped out of being a bridesmaid.

"Now Megan is furious at her and when I told Megan to back off, because trying to force someone to get eyebrows tattooed is ridiculous – Megan turned on me.

"She says it's none of my concern and I should not have interfered into something between her Rosie and that Rosie is being unreasonable because the microblading fades within a few years."

Since the post was shared the bride has been dubbed "unhinged" by social media users.

People can't get over that she had the nerve to ask people to ink their faces for her wedding, and no other reason alone.

One person replied: "Your sister is unhinged to think this is ok. Keep your girlfriend away from her."

Another added: "Just when you think you’ve heard it all."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "This is absolutely wild to expect. Pero like, if Megan is paying I'd go for it lol.

"But yes. Body modification to be in a wedding = DUMB."

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