Ivanka Trump’s Latest Outing With This A-Lister Amid Donald’s Legal Woes Is a New Level of Unbothered

Amid Ivanka Trump’s personal battle of separating herself from her father, former US President Donald Trump, and the rest of the Trump family, she’s taken on a more A-list-clad outing. During her father’s legal battles, Ivanka has been seen out and about with her family, surfing in Costa Rica, and now: partying on a yacht.

On June 26, the Trump Card author and her husband Jared Kushner were seen out partying on a yacht in Es Calo, Formentera, Spain, during their impromptu getaway. Not only that, but they were partying alongside DJ David Guetta.

It’s reported by RadarOnline that the pair arrived in Formentera around June 24, and have since been partying together on their getaway.

Now, this news comes after Ivanka’s recent, possibly strategic attempts to separate herself and rebrand back to her old, heiress persona from before the 2016 election. And this is happening amid Donald’s legal battles with his two indictments: the hush-money trial and the Mar-a-Lago trial.

The first indictment was for allegedly falsifying business records to pay hush money to Stormy Daniels (a case where he’s trying hard to get the judge replaced to no avail). The second indictment is about the 37 counts Donald was charged with for alleging that he kept national defense records from federal officials at his Mar-a-Lago estate. As of June 26, his legal team is trying to delay the trial from Aug 2023 to Dec 2023.

It’s reported Ivanka has been focusing on her family and marriage amid her father’s legal issues. One source close to Ivanka even told RadarOnline, “Donald does what he wants, and she can’t help him now. His help is in the hands of his lawyers and advisers. She is no longer working in that capacity.”

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