BodyCam Video Shows Kidnapped Woman Chained By Neck to Floor in Barricaded House As Her Cries for Help Were Heard by Neighbors

The daring rescue — which included climbing to the second story of the barricaded house and using a hatchet to cut her free from the large chains used for dogs — was captured in bodycam footage

WARNING: Highly Disturbing Content

The rescue of a woman chained by her neck to the floor in a Park Hill home in Louisville, Kentucky was captured by police body cameras.

The newly released footage shows officers responding to a call made by neighbors who heard the woman’s cries for help on August 16.

On the scene, officers saw the victim sobbing for help from a busted out second-story window. When they attempted to enter the house on the first floor they found all the doors and windows had been barricaded.

With the help of neighbors, the policemen were able to locate a ladder and climb up to the the second floor and crawl through the busted window.

WARNING: Extremely Disturbing Video

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They were immediately met by the distraught victim, who they discovered had a large chain, used for dogs, wrapped tightly around her neck with a padlock at her throat.

The woman informed them she did not know where the keys were, but thought the suspect likely had them.

“I don’t know, he’s got it on his keys,” the victim said, sobbing. “I tried scissors, I tried everything.”

The officers followed the large chain down to the floor, where they found it bolted to the floorboards. Using a hatchet, one of the officers was able to break the chain from the anchor.

“Thank you so much,” the victim said.

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Once outside, EMS and local fire rescuers used bolt cutters to break the chain from her neck.

Louisville police said that 36-year-old Moises May was arrested in connection with the incident two days after the woman’s rescue, per WHAS11.

He faces numerous charges — from kidnapping, wanton endangerment, assault (domestic violence), intimidating a participant in the legal process, terroristic threatening and physical harassment.

He is currently held on a $100,000 cash bond. His court date is scheduled for August 28.

Police say the victim and May share a child and the Domestic Violence Unit is now involved in the case.

May allegedly abused the mother of his child in the days preceding her being chained to the floor, per his arrest citation.

The victim told law enforcement that two days before her rescue she and May had an argument that then led to a traumatic incident.

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She said that May forced her into the bathroom where he then held her down on the floor and used a machete to chop off large lumps of her hair. The victim accused him of then further abusing her, which law enforcement described as May allegedly having “slapped [her] around before [she] was able to leave”.

Two days later, on August 16, she said she came back to his house to gather some of her things. May then locked the doors with a bolt only he had the key to, per his arrest citation.

“[He then] forced the victim to take off some of her clothing, stating ‘You’re gonna get it tonight,’ and ‘I told you the next time you leave and don’t come home, I’d kill you,’ and slapped her causing pain,” police said.

The citation then alleges that May forced the victim upstairs, where he wrapped the chain around the woman’s neck and bolted it to the floor.

The suspect allegedly told the victim that he would kill her and took her phone away from her. He is said to have then left the residence.

“By leaving the victim chained up in the house with no way of calling for help or leaving, [May] manifested an extreme indifference to the value of human life,” police said in his arrest citation.

The victim was able to knock out the second-story window and scream for help.

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