‘Bargain’ 10-inch sausage roll costs £3.20 – and cheeky Brits make same joke

Foodies have been impressed by a 10-inch sausage roll on sale at Swindon Town Football Club.

However, many cheeky Brits couldn't help but joke over the tasty pastry treat.

The impressive snack was shared on popular X (formerly Twitter) account Footy Scran, which shares food items on sale at various football stadiums around the world.

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The account is known to ask its loyal 561,000 followers whether they'd 'scran' or 'no scran' each item.

And it was an overwhelming 'scran' for this lofty sausage roll, with many taking to the comments section to rave about the 'bargain' snack.

"Mate that's absolutely mad at 3 quid, get in," exclaimed one follower.

While another added: "For me, this might be greatest bargain price to ultimate scran I've even seen you post."

"That is some proper West Country footy scran," chimed in a third.

While a fourth wrote: "Sign me up!"

Despite this, there were still some that moaned about the tasty treat.

One person whined: "That's honestly way too big like how would you fit it in your mouth – I mean even half that is more than enough."

While another added: "Need about 6 Rennies, 4 Gaviscone and 2 Omeprazole after that."

A third wrote: "Remember fellas, sometimes it’s about the flavour not the length."

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Meanwhile, others couldn't help but make cheeky jokes about the sausage-based snack.

"My wife thinks 10" is much shorter than that," quipped one follower.

As another joked: "I give out mine for free."

"I should call him," added a third.

The post comes after the Footy Scran account gained headlines earlier this week – with people shocked that Brighton Football Club were charging £5.50 for a scotch egg.

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