Starfield has 20 different companions – plus homes to buy but no mechs

Bethesda has answered 16 fan questions about Starfield and it’s revealed a number of new details, including how being sent to jail works.

As highly anticipated as Starfield already is, it’s only had a couple of gameplay trailers and nothing substantial in terms of either hands-on previews or interviews.

Its 30+ minute long spot during the Xbox Games Showcase was enough to sell most people on the game but recently Bethesda offered to answer questions from fans on their official Discord. A lot of the questions were very specific, but they do give an indication of the depth and level of detail in the game.

Perhaps the biggest revelation is that there will be a grand total of 20 different companions, that you can meet and recruit for your spaceship (sperate from the generic crewmembers you hire to work the more mundane jobs). Each companion has their own unique storyline and history, but their skills are fixed and cannot be levelled up.

The questions are almost more interesting in terms of finding out what fans want to know about, than the answers themselves, but apparently there are multiple levels of punishments for doing anything legal.

Smuggling, for example, might result in either being sent to jail or just paying a fine, depending on what exactly you’re caught with (human organs was the example given). Alternatively, you can try and fight security forces if they catch you or buy special ship modules that hide your contraband better.

Disappointingly, the game operates on a fixed economy and the only variation in prices is by influencing them with one of your skills (presumably charisma or some more specific wheeling and dealing perk). So don’t expect to be doing much in the way of Elite style space trading.

Sadly, you also won’t be selling or using mechs, as they’ve been outlawed and there are no pilotable ones in the game – although there is apparently a battlefield full of broken ones on at least one planet.

You can spend your ill-gotten (or perfectly legal) gains on buying houses, which will be available in all major cities, while some – including homesteads in more secluded areas – will be given as quest rewards.

A lot of the questions were about character customisation, with Bethesda confirming that you’ll be able to select an anonymous background with no traits, if you want to be the man or woman with no name.

What your parents look like is based on your own character model, but their voices are set in stone (so we guess that means your parents are potentially in it quite a bit).

Starfield’s three main religions are all fictional but apparently there will be references to real-world religions as well, although it’s unclear to exactly what degree.

It was confirmed that all faction questlines can be tackled independently, while the Crimson Fleet quest will give you the chance to become an undercover agent.

Someone also asked about a pacifist playthrough and although there are multiple non-lethal weapons in the game, Bethesda didn’t seem to think you’d be able to make it through the whole game without killing people.

The Starfield Wiki has recorded all 16 questions in detail, if you want to read through exactly what was said, in what may be some of the last official details revealed about the game before its launch.

Starfield will be released on Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6. However, if you buy the more expensive Digital Deluxe Edition or Constellation Edition you can start playing it from September 1.

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