Award-winning circus hiring clowns with no experience to travel with the show

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Thousands of Brits around the UK are looking for work right now, but some job listings are more unusual than others.

And, they require a very specific set of skills – although we’re sure everyone knows at least one person who’d be cracking at the job.

Tom Duffy’s Circus in Ireland is looking to fill a number of roles for its show including clowns.

Yep, that’s right, if you feel like it you can now run away to be a clown in the circus!

The job advert, which was posted on Facebook, is looking for someone who “must be hilarious” as there are “no old jokes accepted”.

So, get your thinking hat – and wig – on prospective clowns!

Now that coronavirus restrictions are lifting in Ireland, Tom Duffy’s Circus is getting ready to relaunch the show and visit towns and cities across the country.

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It advertised for new staff to ensure it's full to bursting with the best talent around before setting off.

As well as reaching out for clowns the circus is looking for HGV drivers – although so is everyone else thanks to the shortage.

If you’re not the type to clown around or don’t have an HGV licence then the show is also hiring mechanics, billers, electricians and “general circus operatives”, reports LadBible.

The advert does state that it prefers people who have previous experience in the role they apply for other than the clown spots.

Luckily for our red-nosed pals they are only required to be “hilarious”.

The post, shared on Facebook, added: "For most of the posts we can provide good quality accommodation and a fun working environment, with the opportunity to see every county in the country."

What an opportunity!

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If you’ve always wanted to cram yourself into a tiny car, wear a wig or get a pie to the face then you can apply by messaging Tom Duffy's Circus on Facebook or emailing [email protected]

Although, make sure you know what you’re signing up for as the award-winning show features the Wheel of Death – where brothers Tom and Jamie run and skip around as an enormous wheel speeds up faster and faster

According to the circus' online site: "There are screams and many members of the audience can only watch through their fingers."


The big top also boasts acrobats, killer light shows and effects, jugglers, and animal acts.

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