18-Wheeler Carrying 120ft Wind Turbine Blade Tries to Cross Train Tracks, Instantly Regrets it

The truck got the wind knocked out of it.

A wind turbine blade being delivered in Texas didn’t quite make it to its destination unscathed after a train ran straight through it.

The spectacular crash happened in Luling at around 2.30 PM Sunday, and several witnesses were on hand to film the devastation.

Video shows the 18-wheeler hauling the massive 120ft blade across the intersection of U.S. 90 and U.S. 183, when, for some reason, about two-thirds of the way across — it stops.

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The panic in the voice of the trucker filming from the far side audibly increases when he sees the warning lights begin to flash, and the crossing barriers descending on the stranded big rig.

“Oh s–t! the f–king train just came down on the blade! Oh my God… Oh my God!” he exclaims as he jumps out of his cab to film the inevitable.

The driver of the “oversize load” guide vehicle can be seen sprinting back and jumping behind the wheel, as the stranded trucker makes a last ditch attempt to pull off the tracks — but it’s too late. Horns blaring, the freight train ploughs through the trailer, obliterating its cargo and flipping the truck completely onto its side:

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Footage shot from a gas station of the far side wasn’t much prettier:

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Union Pacific officials told KVUE some crew members were hospitalized, but police said on Sunday night no injuries had been reported at the time of the collision.

Both the engines at the front of the train suffered significant damage and had to be replaced.

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Luling police said three unoccupied parked vehicles, the railroad crossing signal controller, a commercial building and a utility pole were also badly damaged in the crash.

The U.S. 183 was shut down for several hours as workers cleared the wreckage; both track and train were finally given the go ahead by safety inspectors after 9 PM.

Luling police and Union Pacific Railroad Police are still investigating the crash.

“While standing at Tha pump, we got to witness this..” Caleb Brandon, who filmed the crash, wrote on Facebook. “I think it’s time Tha People of Luling come together and agree we need an overpass right here!!”

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