‘Will be impossible to cut’: Cut lawns ‘before it’s cold’

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After a challenging summer, many gardeners are looking forward to autumn months and cooler weather. However, as the weather cools down, there are a plethora of jobs gardeners need to do to get their outdoor space prepared for winter. Gardening experts from Polhill garden centre have advised Britons on how to prepare their gardens as the autumn season rapidly approaches.

They said: “It’s important to prepare your garden for the autumn season to prevent damage to your plants, patios and decking and gardening tools.

“With these tips and tricks, you can have a successful autumn with your garden in great condition ready for spring.”

1. Cut lawns

Many people have avoided cutting their lawns over the summer months due to the recent heatwaves.

But as the weather cools down, now is the time to get lawns cut and prepared for winter.

The experts said: “It’s best to get your lawn cut before the cold and damp weather sets in.

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“If this job is neglected, it’ll be close to impossible to cut during the autumn and winter season.”

2. Refresh the garden

The summer is usually the season where people enjoy their gardens so it’s likely certain areas will need refreshing and cutting back.

Like spring cleaning a home, gardens need a refresh in order to prepare for the autumn season.

Cut plants back and clear sheds and greenhouses ready for storage over the winter.

The experts said: “This would also be the perfect time to pressure wash any patio or decking that features in your garden, to remove any dirt or grime.

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“This will stop excessive dirt build-up from occurring on your patio over the wet winter months.”

3. Protect plants

The first frost of the winter will likely cause some less hardy plants to wither and die off.

Plants that are more vulnerable to cold conditions need to be protected by being brought indoors or sheltered.

The best place for them is a conservatory or greenhouse if you have one, as these areas receive the most sunlight.

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4. Pack away seasonal garden items

Barbecues and outdoor furniture needs to be put away to prevent it becoming damaged in the winter months.

If there isn’t space to store them, cover them up using waterproof covers. This will help prevent rusting and weather damage.

5. Protect taps

Taps often go unnoticed or are forgotten about, so it’s worth removing garden hosed from the outdoor taps and shutting it off.

The experts said: “Not doing this could result in it freezing and getting damaged by the expanding ice.

“It’s also worth noting that if you have a zinc watering can, this could also become damaged by ice.

“It’s best to tidy these away, or alternatively place them upside down so no water can get inside.”

6. Check gardening tools

Now is a good time to check whether hedge clippers, lawnmower blades and secateurs need sharpening.

Oil any blades and store them away, as it is unlikely gardeners will need them until March time.

Ensure sheds and storage spaces are watertight to prevent damp or water getting in and damaging tools.

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