Spoilers: Justin collapses after radiotherapy in Home and Away

Justin (James Stewart) has been struggling with a tumour on his back for a number of months now, but fortunately top neurosurgeon Christian Green (Ditch Davey) is in the Bay to help him through the medical difficulties. After his symptoms return, the next stage is radiotherapy.

While Justin is aware the radiotherapy will shrink the tumour, making it easier for Christian to operate a second time – and resulting in a higher chance of success when it comes to tumour removal – he is still nervous about the side effects which come with the treatment.

It isn’t long before those symptoms emerge, as he struggles to eat following his first round of therapy. However, both he and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) receive a pleasant distraction in the form of Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian showing up. Knowing his sister can’t cook, Justin is beyond amused to discover that she has volunteered to prepare dinner for Christian. 

Christian soon realises that Tori is hopeless in the kitchen and takes over, with Justin watching on from the couch. However, Leah soon insists they retreat to their room for the night and give the pair some privacy. 

In the morning, Justin and Leah hear voices from the front room and realise Christian must have stayed over. Although Tori and Christian are just talking on the couch, Justin gets Tori to double check they’re decent. He then gets out of bed – but suddenly collapses, much to Leah’s horror as she yells for Christian and Tori to come and help…

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